Energy Assessment

1)  BENEFITS of the Energy Assessment and Report
 Read this article here to get a complete understanding of the Importance of the Energy Assessments and Reports  for your child and you


2) Steps involved in the Energy Assessment Process and WHAT you can KNOW from the Reports : 
These are the steps involved :
A) You need to provide these details – Your full Name, Age , Sex and Geographical Location (meaning, where you live )
B) Once you provide these details, I will assess your Energies over two days and two nights and will mail you your Energy Assessment Report by the Third day .
Once you have this BASELINE Report, this will be your reference for future assessments so you can see how you are progressing in ALL aspects of your life , and make the necessary “course corrections”
You will also learn HOW you can gain Freedom from the Energy disturbances and resistance that is Preventing you from manifesting your Desires and Living your Best Life in complete Joy and Freedom

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

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