Autism. Why Suffer When The Cure Is Just A Click Away ?

Does this sound like you?

  • A parent with a child with Autism, ADD or ADHD, Or a combination of these ?
  • A person living with Autism, ADD or ADHD?
  • A friend of a person with any of these conditions whom you have been desperately trying to help and silently praying for a respite?
  • Or a person who has been led here by “coincidence” or “accident” ?
  • Undoubtedly, a person who is collapsing with exhaustion under the Financial, Mental and Emotional burden of leading a nightmare of an existence trying to cope with the condition(s)

It doesn’t matter how you have reached here, rest assured that you are already on your way to helping yourself and others affected by AUTISM, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD or LD.

And , the help is just a click away. Literally !

What you are about to read here is guaranteed to shake your world !

And, suffuse you with Energy and Inspiration to Act Immediately and liberate yourself from the pain and suffering that has followed you like a shadow from the time you have had to deal with these conditions.

My Doctor says there is no cure for AUTISM – Is it True ? 

If Autism can be REALLY CURED in 30 days , Why are Doctors and other Professionals in the Autism Arena UNAWARE of this SOLUTION ?!!

I have one question that I would like you to ponder on – “WHO” or exactly “WHICH” “Authority” are you waiting for to proclaim what  the “scientifically accepted solution” for Autism is and WHEN exactly are you expecting “THEM/HIM/HER” To make the declaration that you are waiting for , for you to “FOLLOW” ?!

You have the CHOICE to either Use and APPLY the information that I have shared in this book  right from today and BENEFIT from it and see the Results in Autism Healing right from day One or you can Wait , maybe even for DECADES for “mainstream science” to find the answers to your questions and Then decide if you want to take this healing approach or not. You have the total freedom to make your choices. YOU have an INNER GUIDANCE System and INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM within you. The best approach to make choices that are beneficial to you is simply THIS – ALIGN YOUR ENERGIES First and THEN you will have the CLARITY that you may be seeking to make your choices. It is as simple as that.

Is it REALLY possible to Heal My Autistic child in less than 30 days??!

Case Reports and Articles about Successfully healed cases of Autism healed with Intent Healing(TM) published in Scientific Journals

* Privacy and confidentiality of the successfully healed children maintained

Case Report – 1

Case Report – 2

Case Report – 3

Case Report – 4

Case Report – 5

Case Report – 6

HOW can simply reading Yet Another book on Autism going to help my child become Free from the Limiting Symptoms of Autism ?!!

THIS is no Ordinary book .

In the book Reinventing The body, Resurrecting The Soul, Dr.Deepak Chopra states a few facts:

“Awareness can turn unhealthy energy into healthy energy entirely on its own. That is its unique magic.”

“ ..drugs, too, are bundles of energy, and the effects they cause in your body (including side effects) are nothing but energy patterns moving one way instead of another.”

“It would be a major breakthrough if we could manipulate the body’s energy without resorting to drugs, most of which hit the body too hard and too broadly”

This is the breakthrough that is reaching you through the pages of this book .

The words in this book are encoded with the power to move your energies and manifest healing, even as you are reading it !

Benefit right away from the astounding discoveries in science that is evidence for the power of Energy Medicine as channelled through Intent Healing


Happy Parents.

thumb_02_60_60 Sujatha Shankar

United States

” Dear Madam, Read the book completely. Felt that each & every line is true, and I feel very happy that there is a ray of hope . Thank you so much ! ”


thumb_03_60_60 Gautami Suresh


” Dear Doctor, I read your book and I feel you have written what I have felt, but could not put in words, mainly because others would think me as crazy. Looking forward to connecting with you soon “.


thumb_02_60_60Clara Johnson

United States

” This was an excellent book Rajalakshmi. I finished it in one sitting. I would like to discuss with you at your earliest convenience. Thank you so much ! ”


thumb_03_60_60Abhishek Vohra

Twickenham, London

” Hello Doctor, I was able to finish reading your book today – An eye opener definitely. I was able to relate to a lot of points and am now able to take the next steps. Please advise.
My daughter is turning 8 in July. She is a happy little girl, very friendly. She is non-verbal but speaks through her love and I would not have her any other way. ”


thumb_03_60_60 Rupa Ajith


” Hello maam …thank you so I am in holistics healings..I know for sure the words in your book created a lot of shift in me..and with complete gratitude to the universe as there are such beautiful chosen souls like help and serve..Thank you ! ”


thumb_01_60_60Shianne Ramdhan

Trinidad and Tobago

” Hello! I was able to do a quick reading of the book last night.
It had a very profound effect on me. I am very grateful for this information. In my ‘mission’ to heal my child, I have ventured into energy healing, so what you are saying is perfectly understandable to me. Anyway, as I said, it was a quick read, and my mind was ticking all night. I felt and saw all kinds of images, shapes etc in my mind, and I actually felt that something was changing.Thanks a lot for this. Can I contact you after my second reading ?”


thumb_03_60_60 Xie Stephen


” To tell you the truth, something amazing is happening after I read aloud your e-book to myself on last weekends. This Tuesday my son for the first time played basketball with his school mates, for the first time took bus ride with those friends and for the first time went to restaurants with them. He himself asked me why all these social activities were happening at the same day for the very first time. I never realized at the moment when he asked me but I now suddenly and fully understand that reading your book is a healing process both for myself and my son. He never walked with people shoulder by shoulder. That day when I picked him up I noticed he can talk to his friend while walking together. This is a great change socially because he used to walk very fast and always ahead of other people even when walking with me and my wife since he was born in China. ”


thumb_01_60_60Pramila Saravanan


” Dear Madam, Where to I start and what to share ? Every time I read something you have shared or read the book How to heal autism there is answer for almost all my life queries. I see energy clearing towards my financial worries fast when I read your book, something has been pushing from 3 days to read it but I have not been able to sit at a stretch but today suddenly in healing time I suddenly started reading the pages and felt healing in all my life areas have moved blocks around.The focus and picture here is bigger and better ..Thanks a lot Madam . I just can go on and on about the way I feel and think after being in touch with you. I do not know how to express but With lot of thanks & deep sense of gratitude. ”


thumb_02_60_60Maria Daniel


” Dear Dr. Rajalakshmi, I have finished reading your book in just one day. I was completely lost in it because of the beautiful and inspiring way it was written. I felt it. I really did. As a plus, it had a terrible calming effect and not only on me, but that day even my boy was so happy and energetic (usually he is lethargic and seems lost). When I read your book, I had a home feeling. I believed every single word because I truly experienced every single word. I wish to delete many years but I cant. I wish that I could take another path earlier but again, I cant turn back time. I want my child healed, oh my, I so much want that I cant even describe in words, and definitely I want myself healed to live„happily ever after and i believe that you, your words came at the right time in my life. Again, many many thanks for who you are and for everything you do! ”


* Only Names have been changed to protect Privacy and maintain Confidentiality

Who Am I

Now, let me introduce myself and share a few things that I have done, especially in the areas that I’m sure will be of immense interest to you – Healing Autism, ADD, ADHD and LD.

I’m Dr.Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, a qualified medical doctor , a Consultant in Energy Medicine and a reputed Gifted Natural Healer .

I’m considered an expert in the application of Energy Medicine and INTENT HEALING , producing amazing results in healing many illnesses, including “incurable illnesses”.

To get an overview of my endeavours in the field of Energy Medicine and Intent Healing, I would encourage you to take a look at my website :

After completing my medical education from India’s premier medical college C.M.C Vellore, I got into Holistic Healing and Energy Medicine. With over 20 years of experience in Remote Sensing  and Remote healing, I  have been recently recognized as one among 5 professionals in the world to watch out for in the autism arena (by Buzzfeed ) . I have also been quoted  on CNN ireport as an Autism Expert demonstrating results in autism and on Voice America for my Pioneering Intent Healing(TM) approach in healing autism and have been featured on CNN-IBN for a live healing verified by medical doctors.
I am considered the go-to person in the field of Autism and ADHD and am the Author of ‘How To Heal Autism And ADHD In 30 Days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough Of Intent Healing(TM) ‘. My editorials and papers on autism that have been published in various Scientific Journals ( All articles and publications are available on my blog ) are pioneering a path-breaking shift in the way autism is being understood and approached in the mainstream scientific community and is Re-Defining EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) in Autism .
I am continuing to heal children with autism  from all over the world including countries such as Albania,UAE,Australia, Canada, New Zealand, U.S, India, Switzerland and U.K, using my unique Intent Healing REMOTE healing approach in autism. My book describes how a child with Non-Verbal Autism who was not speaking, started speaking for the first time in his life with my remote healing sessions.

Healing Autism in Schools

I’m also the  Country Contact for India for a California based organisation IONS ( Institute of Noetic Sciences) which was started by the Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and finds mention in Dan Brown’s book – The Lost Symbol.

As a part of the activities of the chennai community group of IONS, I did a project where children in a school for special children (Autism and Dyslexia) were taught to do self-healing in the school itself.

This was a Unique project, done for the first time in India, with amazing results.

Later, I  also presented a paper at an International Conference on Holistic Enhancement of Learning Potential (HELP).

The title of the paper being :

Intent Healing : Breaking New Grounds In Healing Autism, ADD,ADHD And LD- Presenting the Science and Application of Extended Human Capacities

This was the beginning of the paradigm shift in the approach to the treatment of Autism, Attention deficit disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia.

Autism is Healed with Intent Healing

Intent Healing in ACTION

CNN-IBN had telecast a healing that I had done which was verified by the medical fraternity.

In my book ‘ How to Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 Days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough of Intent Healing(TM) ‘ I have described how a child with Non-Verbal Autism started speaking for the first time in his life. This happened with my Pioneering Intent Healing ™ method of Remote Healing. I am healing children with Autism from all over the world without meeting any of them in person . In this video clipping from cnn-ibn you can see how I am channeling Intent Healing(tm) to bring about the Live healing . This is what I apply in healing Autism and ADHD

A PEEK into what you can find in this book …

The power to heal your child is in your hands. Literally.


And, to unfold  the miracle of your child getting healed in LESS THAN 30 DAYS to start manifesting right from today all you have to do is to Order and download the book and allow the healing energies to guide you along this magical journey.

This journey is truly unique as the complete healing of your child is inextricably linked to your inner transformation and healing.

Your child has come into this world with the power and the gift of healing encoded in his DNA.

To unravel the mystery of this statement Order Your Book right away and be transported into the fascinating world of Autistic Beings.

This book will guide you and help you ride the wave of pain and suffering that you might have experienced so far, to come out transformed and healed.

With your child.

With true joy, inner peace and bliss in your heart !


Here’s a peek into what you can find in this book :

Genetics, Environment, Cellular memory , “Karmic patterns”, Past life residues manifesting in the present, Neuronal , neurochemical factors/issues, altered or different brain functioning, factors revolving around Vaccinations as the cause, “leaky-gut” factor, Diet sensitivity/issues, cause “not known”,  and whatever else your research might have thrown up as the cause of Autism and ADHD, IT DOSEN’T MATTER.


Regardless of where you come from , and regardless of where you are in your quest for a solution to this problem that has been eating away at your soul, take heart ! This Really Works !

This book gives you –


The  ONE SOLUTION That  Addresses  All The Above Factors And More AND Manifests Healing At And From The Deepest , Most Profound Level Of Existence .


  • For the first time, as you turn the pages of this book, you are about to learn revelations about AUTISM, ADD AND ADHD that will astound you !
  • What is the TRUE CAUSE of AUTISM, Asperger’s, ADHD and LD
  •  How, unknown to you, your child is getting healed from the moment you start reading this book- your expanding awareness is changing his energies.
  • The Number 1 reason why most of the therapies available for these conditions fail or don’t deliver proportionate results- And, this has not got NOTHING to do with  lack of “effort” or “hard work”
  • Why no two Autistic people are the same
  • The number 1 thing that you MUST do with Autistic children
  • The number 1 thing you MUST NOT do with Autistic children
  • The Unexpected Truth about “Special Schools”
  • The Secret language of Autism and ADHD
  • Why conventional medicine will never be able to find a cure for Autism
  • The unbelievably simple secrets to changing your DNA and Re-wiring the damaging neural networks in your brain
  • The One thing you may be doing unknowingly that may actually be causing your child to regress
  • How the one person who DOESN’T want to see your child COMPLETELY healed may actually be YOU !!
  • How Teaching Your Child “Good Manners”, “Appropriate Behaviour” especially in social interactions and “Doing the politically correct thing” may actually be killing his creativity, augmenting poor self-esteem issues , and sowing the seeds for addictive behaviour, including addictions to substances to manifest in your lives.

In addition to all this and MORE , you will also learn about how I healed a child with Non-Verbal Autism who started speaking for the First Time in his life , with Intent Healing

Reading this book will completely shift your Perspective and Understanding of the REAL Cause of Autism and ADHD 


Apply what I have shared in this book and


  • Watch your child become more Confident
  • Independently take care of his/her basic needs for survival AND Thriving
  • Listen to you more readily and willingly. 
  • Handle their emotions in a more balanced and healthy manner
  • Stop stimming
  • Make eye-contact voluntarily , easily and Spontaneously
  • Start SPEAKING Coherently
  • Stop inflicting injuries on himself and on others
  • Sleep well
  • Disappearance of Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns
  • Have more Energy
  • Regularize his/her bowel movements and bladder habits
  • Study with more FOCUS and coordination
  • Heal his other medical and health issues
  • and the list could go on based on the specifics of the symptoms in  YOUR Child with Autism and/or ADHD 

 The FINANCIAL Burden of Autism


  •  The incidence of Autism in the U.S and in Most Countries in the world is 1 in 68 children
  •  It can cost about $3.2 million to take care of an autistic person over his or her lifetime.
  • The Economic Burden of caring for all people with Autism over their lifetimes costs an estimated 268 Billion for 2015 and 461 Billion for 2025,  a figure expected to double in a decade.
  • It affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans and is increasing at a rate of 10-17 percent each year.
  • According to a new study, 19% of children who have an older brother or sister with autism will be diagnosed with autism by the time they are three years old. This is substantially higher than original estimates
  • Younger brothers were more likely than younger sisters to develop autism according to the study. 26% of the male siblings versus roughly 10 percent of the female siblings developed autism
  • The average income for an American family is around $44,000 per year. The cost of autism therapy, however, can top $70,000 per year.

Here is a question for you –

HOW MUCH money have you already Spent AND are Continuing to spend on Special Schools , Occupational Therapy , Speech Therapy , ABA Therapies and other Therapies ?

And NOT seen any improvements or seen only minimal and or transient ” progress ” if Any at all , having spent thousands of dollars , that you woukd have seen in Anycase Even if you had not done any of these therapies ?

In other words , WHY woukd you want to pour your hard earned money and be in debt by continuing to do More of the things that are NOT showing any Results ?!!

Imagine How much Money , Time and Energy reading this ONE book could save you….
Imagine the FREEDOM that will be yours to live YOUR Life in Joy and Peace ….
Imagine Creating wealth , having more Time , Thriving in physical wellbeing , loving and satisfying Relationships and Enjoying Authentic Abundance ….

And ….you will Not need to Worry about ” Saving money for his Future ” because reading this book will show you How you too , like all these parents from all over the world are walking the path towards Financial indepence of their child. With their child Thriving Independently

The money that you Invest in this ONE Book will Empower YOU to Have ALL this …and more ….

Now Consider this – The Value of this Book is Priceless as it offers You FINANCIAL FREEDOM for Life when your child with Autism is completely healed of his/her Limiting Symptoms

Whether you are aware of the above facts or not, I’m sure that what you are undoubtedly looking for and relentlessly searching for is an authentic source for the condition to be healed.

The Universe has lead you to just the right place.

Your search stops here.

Please read further ONLY if you are truly serious in your intention to help your child/friend  get healed of Autism and/or ADHD.

Are you Ready to watch your Autistic child THRIVE ?

Consider this – Scientists have discovered that the Universe is made up of 95% of ” Dark ENERGY ” ( they call it “Dark” because they DO NOT Know what it is ) and YOU are continuing to BREATHE and EXIST in this ENERGY Soup of “Dark ENERGY” , WITHOUT actually knowing what it is or even being aware of its presence . This is a FACT . Consider this too – Scientists have discovered that 95% of the DNA in YOUR Body is made up of “Junk DNA ” and this DNA is called “Junk” because , here again , they DO NOT know what this “Junk DNA” is really useful for in your body !

Now …. THINK about this – Even though you do not know anything about “Dark Energy” or ” Junk DNA ” , you are NOT saying that “I will stop eating and breathing TILL “they ” , meaning the scientists Discover and tell the world what exactly is the Function of Junk DNA and Dark ENERGY and HOW it is Affecting my body !”

On the other hand , you are CONTINUING to Live and Thrive with the Junk DNA operating beautifully in your body and the Dark ENERGY maintaining the balance between ALL that is there in the Universe and possibly participating or even initiating the Eternal process of Creation and Expansion of the Universe . And YOU . And Your Child .

The choice is YOURS – You can wait till “They ” tell you what the cause of autism is OR you can SHIFT to the SOLUTION in Autism that is available through this book and watch Your child THRIVE with his/her Unique gifts and talents , FREE from the Limiting symptoms of Autism, right from TODAY .

Shift to the SOLUTION in Autism . Today .

US – $110.00

Proceeds from the sale of this book go towards developing Tools and Resources to Empower Autistic children to THRIVE Independently

Grab THIS chance to open the door to healing for your Child. And yourself.

YES , I want to See MY Autistic Child Healed !


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