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Busted myths around Autism Cure

Autism is in the genes, nothing can be done about it
Epigenetics overcomes any genetic component in autism
Autism needs to be accepted. Not cured
Autistic children can thrive independently
Autism is a disability
Autism is Super Power
Autism is caused only due to vaccines
The cause for Autism is Energy Disturbance
My child cannot be cured
All children can be cured including Your child
The cause for Autism is unknown
The cure for Autism has already been discovered
Autism cures are not based on science
This autism cure is scientifically proven and well established
Autism is caused only due to vaccines
The cause for Autism is Energy Disturbance
Autism is not a ‘Disease’ to be cured
Autism is the next stage in human evolution
It is impossible to cure Autism in 30 days
Applied Intentional Epigenetics shows results from Day One in autism

Does this sound like you?

What you are about to read here is guaranteed to shake your world !

Parent of Autistic Child
Exhausted and Frustrated caring for Autistic children
A friend trying to help loved one with Autism

Who are you and why do you want to read this?

Reading this book will completely shift your perspective and understanding of the real cause of Autism and ADHD. Apply what I have shared in this book and see the results you can expect in your child.

Good Confidence & Self Esteem

Foundation for empowering social interactions too

Stop stimming

Energy channeled into varieties of healthy activities

Restful sleep

Freedom from seizures too

Thrive Independently

No more worries about the “future” of your child

Make eye-contact

Improved Social connections and establishing healthy relationships

Meltdowns disappear

Love and Peace prevails

Improved Listening skills

Basis for age-appropriate and/or genius development

Speaking Coherently

Freedom from nonverbal autism

Regularize bowl movements

Stress free digestion and food habits

Handle emotions in healthy manner

Freedom from emotional dramas and traumas

Stop self-injury & assault on others

Peace,Enthusiasm and joy for life and making meaningful connections

Good focus & coordination

Freedom from PDD-NOS and Developmental Delay

A peek into what you can find in this book

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Vaccines
  • Karmic patterns
  • Past life residues manifesting in the present
  • Neuronal
  • Neurochemical factors/issues
  • “Leaky-gut” factor
  • Diet sensitivity/issues
  • Cause “not known”
  • Altered or different brain functioning
  • Factors revolving around Vaccinations as the cause
and whatever else your research might have thrown up as the cause of Autism and ADHD, IT DOSEN’T MATTER. THIS WORKS ! Regardless of where you come from , and regardless of where you are in your quest for a solution to this problem that has been eating away at your soul, take heart ! This Really Works !
For the first time, as you turn the pages of this book, you are about to learn revelations about AUTISM,ADD AND ADHD that will astound you !
  • What is the TRUE CAUSE of AUTISM, Asperger’s, ADHD and LD
  • How, unknown to you, your child is getting healed from the moment you start reading this book- your expanding awareness is changing his energies.
  • The Number 1 reason why most of the therapies available for these conditions fail or don’t deliver proportionate results- And, this has not got NOTHING to do with lack of “effort” or “hard work”
  • Why no two Autistic people are the same
  • The Unexpected Truth about “Special Schools”
  • The Secret language of Autism and ADHD
  • Why conventional medicine will never be able to find a cure for Autism
  • The unbelievably simple secrets to changing your DNA and Re-wiring the damaging neural networks in your brain
In addition to all this and MORE , you will also learn about how I healed a child with Non-Verbal Autism who started speaking for the First Time in his life, with Intent Healing.
How can simply reading Yet Another book on Autism going to help my child become Free from the Limiting Symptoms of Autism ?
In the book Reinventing The body, Resurrecting The Soul, Dr.Deepak Chopra states a few facts:
“Awareness can turn unhealthy energy into healthy energy entirely on its own. That is its unique magic.”
“ ..drugs, too, are bundles of energy, and the effects they cause in your body (including side effects) are nothing but energy patterns moving one way instead of another.”
“It would be a major breakthrough if we could manipulate the body’s energy without resorting to drugs, most of which hit the body too hard and too broadly”
This is the breakthrough that is reaching you through the pages of this book. The words in this book are encoded with the power to move your energies and manifest healing, even as you are reading it ! Benefit right away from the astounding discoveries in science that is evidence for the power of Energy Medicine as channelled through Intent Healing.

The Cognitive dissonance factor

If Autism can be really cured in 30 days ,Why are doctors and other professionals in the Autism areana unaware of this soution?
“WHO” or exactly “WHICH” “Authority” are you waiting for to proclaim what the “scientifically accepted solution” for Autism ?
WHEN exactly are you expecting “THEM/HIM/HER” To make the declaration that you are waiting for, for you to “FOLLOW”???
You have the CHOICE to either Use and APPLY the information that I have shared in this book right from today and BENEFIT from it and see the Results in Autism Healing right from day One or you can Wait , maybe even for DECADES for “mainstream science” to find the answers to your questions and Then decide if you want to take this healing approach or not. You have the total freedom to make your choices. YOU have an INNER GUIDANCE System and INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM within you. The best approach to make choices that are beneficial to you is simply THIS – ALIGN YOUR ENERGIES First and THEN you will have the CLARITY that you may be seeking to make your choices. It is as simple as that.

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