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Pramila Saravanan

"Dear Madam, Where to I start and what to share ? Every time I read something you have shared or read the book How to heal autism there is answer for almost all my life queries. I see energy clearing towards my financial worries fast when I read your book, something has been pushing from 3 days to read it but I have not been able to sit at a stretch but today suddenly in healing time I suddenly started reading the pages and felt healing in all my life areas have moved blocks around.The focus and picture here is bigger and better ..Thanks a lot Madam . I just can go on and on about the way I feel and think after being in touch with you. I do not know how to express but With lot of thanks & deep sense of gratitude."

Xie Stephen

"To tell you the truth, something amazing is happening after I read aloud your e-book to myself on last weekends. This Tuesday my son for the first time played basketball with his school mates, for the first time took bus ride with those friends and for the first time went to restaurants with them. He himself asked me why all these social activities were happening at the same day for the very first time. I never realized at the moment when he asked me but I now suddenly and fully understand that reading your book is a healing process both for myself and my son. He never walked with people shoulder by shoulder. That day when I picked him up I noticed he can talk to his friend while walking together. This is a great change socially because he used to walk very fast and always ahead of other people even when walking with me and my wife since he was born in China."

Shianne Ramdhan
Trinidad and Tobago

”Hello! I was able to do a quick reading of the book last night.
It had a very profound effect on me. I am very grateful for this information. In my ‘mission’ to heal my child, I have ventured into energy healing, so what you are saying is perfectly understandable to me. Anyway, as I said, it was a quick read, and my mind was ticking all night. I felt and saw all kinds of images, shapes etc in my mind, and I actually felt that something was changing.Thanks a lot for this. Can I contact you after my second reading ?”

7 Year old Girl child

Independently Potty trained

"Eva had another extremely great day.she is good through out the day.she was very playful, interactive through out the day.
One big change I noted today- Eva used the toilet without getting distress. She doesn't wear nappies at home or in school,but she need to be prompt to use toilet.sometimes,she will cooperate to use the toilet otherwise she will wet her pants.Today there were no wet pants,she used the toilet throughout the day. Thanks Doctor,love to see my little girl changing."


Membership Basic Program

I am deeply moved by your Weekly Autism Cure series(basic program) as I am already seeing Quantifiable Improvements in My son. I wish to enroll for the advanced program(monthly subscription) , understand and benefit from the same.

5 year old child with nonverbal autism and adhd

Feedback from School, Improvements on ALL fronts with healing sessions

"Hi Dr. Raji,As per you asked I requested Martin's class teacher to give us some feedback regarding his school activity and improvements and this is what she wrote"" Martin has shown tremendous growth in all areas this past year. He is working on pre- kindergarten skills now. The improvements are written below:

1) graphing

2)answering WH questions


3) skip counting by 2,5,10

4) follow 2 steps commands such as First do this, then get/ do that. I wrote word per word what she has sent, hope it'll help you a little bit to make a further decisions. And yes we agree with your feedback and shiv looks more focused and determined this week after observing him. We will wait for your reply.

Sekar Gopal
Two children with autism 6 years and 2 years old

Bagavat Gita of Autism

"I recently read your book 1 more time. I got completely connected with the depth of the book and the energy with which it was written. Hats Off! I guarantee when I read the 1'st time hardly not even 10% would have gone to my head (but believed the process, as it touched me as a parent.). And this time when I read your book, all my questions already answered in the book in great detail. This time I read it along with Kavitha (translating / dissecting in tamil) so that she too is benefited from learning your book (i.e the bhagavat gita of Autism). Ashish is an Angel for me who has come to heal me. Without him, I wouldn't have achieved this level of knowledge. Great changes in kavitha as well.

I think now its time for me to drive my life (personal / business / Friends) to the next level & no more be in maintenance mode."