Frequently Asked Questions

What are these Energies that you channel in the healing sessions?
The Energy that I Channel is Infinite Intent Healing(TM) Energies. I Define these Intent Healing Energies as Energies Prior to Consciousness , that are free from all conditioning and that are of the Frequency of Unconditional Love . These energies, when channeled ,do the following – Erase Erroneous Cellular Memories, Re-Wire the neuronal network in the Brain and in the gut, Re-Program the DNA and Re-Align the energies to Resonate with Optimal Health and Well-being. Intent Healing energies can be accessed by the power of Intention .
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What is the Science behind Intent Healing ?

Discoveries from many fields of science support Intent Healing . These are –

  • Quantum Physics
  • Epigenetics
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Neurogastroenterology
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Neurocardiology
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What is Healing / Healing in Autism / Remote Healing ?
What are the symptoms of ADHD ?
The usual symptoms of ADHD could include restlessness, inability to focus on subjects (regardless of whether the subject is “interesting” to the person or not) for long periods of time , hyperactivity (generally unable to sit “still” in one place for any length of time) , difficulty in being able to take most tasks to completion, difficulty with memory (example – forgetting directions very easily) , feeling “spaced-out or zoned-out” , tendency towards developing habituation towards smoking, alcohol consumption (mostly in order to try to make themselves feel calmer), difficulty with sleep, fidgeting, talking “too much” . Although these could be some of the symptoms, the symptom manifestations may vary acording to the age too. The underlying cause for all of these symptoms is Energy Disturbance. Once the Energy Disturbance is corrected, ALL the symptoms disappear.
Is an autistic child, with a 60 IQ, who can’t talk, better off staying home playing than going to special needs school? I am his dad. He lives in the U.S. I just feel like he’s never going to be able to communicate fluently or enjoy a career, so maybe the best thing for him would be to just let him play, have a nanny take him to parks a lot, etc. He’s been in super-intensive special Ed for a yr and I don’t see a dent

The answer as to which of these choices would benefit the autistic child most is dependent on these factors :

  • What is the nature of the ENERGY PATTERN of the people and the environment (home or special needs school) ? Meaning, are the Energies of the people at home and/or special needs school , who are interacting with the child supportive for the growth, development and thriving of the child OR are the Energies of the people in either or both locations causing major disturbances in the child’s energies ? The same question needs to be asked of the physical environment in both places. (The Energy Patterns can be determined by getting the Energy Assessments done for the parents mainly and the main teachers interacting with the child at the special school ).
  • How is the Child’s Energies (as determined by getting an Energy Assessment of the child done) while the child is at school and at home. This picture will Reveal exactly what is happening in the child’s system in both places.Once this is Revealed through the Energy Assessments and the Reports, it is very simple to make the decision based on a fool-proof scientific method as to what is supportive of the child’s development ? Staying at home and playing and home-schooling OR going to the special needs school OR Both.
In my healing practice where I am continuing to heal children with Autism and ADHD from all over the world on a Daily basis , I actually apply what I have described here and this has helped many children with Autism Thrive well . The Energy Assessments based approach to this “decision-making” challenge for most parents has produced amazing results a 100 % of the times where the parents have followed and applied the suggestions made in my reports.
Autism: Will my 5-year-old non-verbal autistic daughter ever speak?
Yes, your child can speak once the energy disturbances that are causing her to be non-verbal are corrected. You can  read this article to know how this is possible
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Autism is helping NonVerbal Children With Autism SPEAK for the first time in their lives and the neurological understanding of HOW this is happening .
I am 12, I have a 13 year old autistic step brother who I am with 3 days a week, is it OK that I hate and am mean to him?
There are two primary aspects to this question of yours :
  • Are you asking if it is OK for you to experience the feelings of “hate” wanting to be “mean” towards your step brother who is Autistic? If you are in some way wanting to give yourself Permission and ALLOW yourself to FEEL the emotions of “hate” and wanting to be “mean” towards your autistic step brother, well, the answer is YES. It is OK for you to FEEL this way about him . If it helps YOU Feel better. Do not try to suppress or repress these emotions although they may be regarded as “negative” , generally speaking.
  • The other aspect to your question is – Is it OK to CONTINUE feeling the “hate” and wanting to be “mean” towards your Autistic step brother ? The answer to that is NO. That would only perpetuate the cycle of hatred , anger , resentment and frustration in BOTH of you and would Not be the SOLUTION for this issue/situation . I would need more input from you about the specifics of the situation with your Autistic step brother as to WHAT is causing these feelings and behavior in you . That will help me suggest practical steps that you can take that will help BOTH you and your autistic step brother have a more Harmonious and Loving relationship with each other . THAT would be the permanent SOLUTION .
I am a teen. How do I figure out whether I have ADHD?

he fool-proof way to know for sure if you really have ADHD or not is by getting an Energy Assessment done .

This is because the root cause of ADHD is Energy Disturbance , meaning, disturbances in a person’s energy fields . The symptoms of ADHD are due to the fact that the person is highly Energy Sensitive to the Energies of people, things and environment around him/her.

In addition to this the person with ADHD has the ability to download information by tuning-in to different sources of information , and this includes information from other dimensions as well.

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