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Autism Success Stories are TRUE stories of Successfully Cured cases of Autism and ADHD from all over the world that are backed by Scientific Evidence and Proof and the joy of the families and the children with autism on their Emotional Journey toward Freedom from the Limiting Symptoms of Autism.

Examples of what you can hear and learn by listening to these Autism Success Stories include stories of Nonverbal children with Autism speaking for the for the first time in their lives, ADULTS with autism Thriving Independently for the first time in their lives, autistic children Discovering and Displaying their creative Genius in various forms and so on.

Alexa Autism Success Stories

ALL this achieved through Intent Healing(TM) Remote Healing ALONE. Autistic children and adults with autism from more than 25 countries in the world have been healed through this Revolutionary Healing approach in Autism and ADHD so far.

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What I mean by the term “Autism Success Stories” includes the following improvements seen in the child/person with the relevant autism Limiting Symptoms :

  • Non-Verbal autistic child Speaking in 10 sessions or less
  • Seizure disorder cured without medications
  • Sensory processing issues disappearing
  • Gut issues disappearing
  • Child getting OFF of gluten-free,Casein-Free diet
  • Healthy Immunity being established
  • Child thriving with improved cognitive abilities
  • Child being able to socialize with ease
  • Child becoming Independent
  • Many other case by case specific symptoms such as hand-flapping, not making eye-contact and so on, disappearing

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These Autism Success Stories have been published in various International Scientific Journals too. You can read my Blog Posts on this website for links to the same by clicking here

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