Art and Autism : How to Receive, Nurture and Cherish the Genius Artist in Your Child

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Most parents , especially the parents of nonverbal autistic children hold the hopes of wanting to discover “that one talent that he is supposed to be gifted with “. Invariably it is the manifestation of artistic genius that is in their hopes, thanks to subconscious conditioning. Is there a ‘Formula” to “Make this happen ” ? Is it necessary for the creativity to manifest Only through Art ? Read on to understand this better. Lucas is the child who is manifesting his creative genius through art …and more … Is this story about the now clichéd ” Yet another Nonverbal Autistic Artist Savant ” ?? Well …. NO and Yes … 😀

“NO” Because ..

He IS “Verbal” Now. He IS Manifesting his Creative Genius through the Avenue of ART for the First Time in his life Now. He IS connecting Emotionally and Meaningfully with his parents Now. He IS having his haircut with Zero Resistance now He IS successfully Potty Trained now

“Yes” Because …

He WAS “Nonverbal”. He WAS “lost in his own world” for the most part earlier He WAS averse to having a haircut and resisted the same always He WAS on diapers, unable to be toilet-trained He WAS Vulnerable to having “Meltdowns” that made his parents feel out of control and “Helpless” And the list could go on ..

So, WHO is he NOW ? In THIS Moment in Time ?

He is a Joyous, Evolved BEING of Light FLOWING his Creative Energies through just one of the Many Avenues of expressing his Inherent Genius. Through ART.

The Artist  –  Lucas Lin Xianyi

The Art

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The Masterpiece Creation

” Avant Grade”  Design (as described/certified by Designers in the art field) by Lucas being made into a Dress for his mother.

The Person who Allowed his Talent to Manifest in this manner

Ng Shin Yee , Mother of Lucas


Is there a “Formula” to make this “happen” in ALL Nonverbal Autistic Children? Can this kind ( and other kinds ) of Creative Expression be “Unleashed ” in YOUR Autistic child too ? Regardless of the child being “Verbal” or “Nonverbal ” ? Absolutely Yes. Read along to discover HOW. In order to understand what “worked” here , the only question that needs to be answered is – So what did the MOTHER of Lucas do “different” that has helped him express himself through Art And through Speech,among other things ? 1) Going Beyond “Cliched Expectations” and Learning to Hold Unlimited Positive Expectations from the child. From the “Right” State of Being of Energies. Whenever one comes across on the internet, some art or design done by an “autistic person”, it has become a kind of subconscious expectation to ASSUME that that artist would be Nonverbal too. Or at least “verbally compromised” to some degree. It is time to go Beyond this limiting expectation in order to ALLOW for the autistic child to express himself Both Verbally and through Art And through other creative way/shape/form as well. This Opens up the Field for the Energies to Flow in ALL possible and often delightfully surprising and unexpected ways too ! Why limit the child’s power to express himself in innumerable ways by one’s own Limited viewpoint and skewed expectations – conscious, subconscious,programmed,imparted or otherwise ? Click Here – Parental Expectation – Read this article to know more on the power of parental expectations 2) The 3 R s: Rest . Relax. And Receive. THIS is the Mantra that was being emphasized and reinforced for the Mother as she learnt the POWER in giving herself permission to “let-go” and discovered the Wisdom in “Letting-In ” ALL that she had been WANTING to See in her child. And then some more. 3) The TOOL that Facilitated this process : Intent Healing (TM)  Number of sessions done with the mother : Two Number of sessions done for the child : Six The KEY that is continuing to be applied by the mother : Intent Healing(TM) Self-Healing Just like our young artist  Lucas and his endearingly “shy” mom, you too can learn how to help your autistic child thrive in his life expressing his/her creative genius Free from the limiting symptoms of Autism. What is holding YOU back ? Address that first as THAT is exactly what is holding your child back from living his Best Life on this planet in amazingly endless possibilities. Period. P.S : Beneficial “Side-Effects” in the mother  All-Time Career Best achievements in her profession and ” Achieving targets that have never been achieved so for in the history of the organization. EVER. ” Happy Mother . Happy Child . BOTH Flowing their Creative Energies with Joy and Abandon