Autism Brain Theranostics leads the way : AI in Autism Versus EI in Autism

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Welcome to a Brave New World of a New Evolved Species on planet earth – Autistic Beings !
Before you step into this new world of Autism Brain Theranostics, let me introduce you to a few Definitions that will help you understand and navigate this field of Science that is destined to transform the life of your autistic child. And Yours too.
Here are the Definitions :
AI or Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.
EI or Evolved Intelligence: Intelligence accessed, downloaded, channeled  and delivered  from the Universal Field of Intelligence ( or “Consciousness” ) by using and applying Advanced Human Technological Abilities.
Autism Brain Theranostics Autism Cure

Autism Brain Theranostics Autism Cure

All this is done in a  tangible manner that produces practical Results and Benefits. In YOUR Autistic child. And in you.
Autism Brain Theranostics: Diagnosing AND Treating the Energy Disturbances in the Autistic Brain by using the one and the same Tools of Energy Assessments and Applied Energy Medicine along with Applied Intentional Epigenetics.
Theranostics, in simple terms, means Diagnostic and Therapeutic modalities, techniques, procedures or tools combined into one. In other words, there are Two aspects integrated in the term and those are – Therapeutics and Diagnostics
In the context of autism what this means is – Any tool, technique, modality or procedure which does the “double duty” of not only Diagnosing Autism but also Treating/Curing/Healing Autism. (And by treating/curing/healing what is meant is the Disappearance of the Limiting Symptoms of autism).
HOW is this even possible ??
This is possible by applying EI or EVOLVED Intelligence. And this EI is the advanced Human Technological Abilities of Remote Sensing, Remote Viewing and Remote Healing. ALL Applied SIMULTANEOUSLY. Which is why Autism Brain Theranostics is BOTH – A cutting-edge science of Daignosis as well as Treatment/Therapy of the disorders in the brain of the autistic child/person caused due to Energy Disturbances. Because, ALL the limiting symptoms in Autism is caused due to the underlying Energy Disturbances in the Energy Fields of the autistic child/person, including the Energy Disturbances in the BRAIN of the autistic child.
To understand the Basics of HOW Autism Brain Theranostics is already being applied in healing children with autism and ADHD in more than 25 countries in the world (and growing), I suggest you first read my book ‘How to Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 Days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough of Intent Healing(TM)’ here :
To EXPERIENCE Autism Brain Theranostics in Action, I recommend you join my Monthly Healing Session here :
To SEE the Evidence and Testimonials from the parents of successfully healed cases of autism and ADHD , I suggest you watch the Autism Cure webinar here :
To read the scientific paper on Autism Brain Theranostics published for the first time in the world in a peer-reviewed international journal, click here :
So, where does AI come into the picture here ? AI , or Artificial Intelligence in Autism can be developed to measure the RESULTS and “maybe” record the “process” of EI or Evolved Intelligence in action.
Which means, EI is Already one step or many steps ahead of the existing AI tools that could probably do this in “future”.
By which  time you could be well on your way to SEEING your autistic child Thrive with his/her gifts and talents ! TODAY.
This is a Reality that You could realize and/or Manifest in your autistic child’s life and Celebrate the same right Here and NOW.
Provided you Use this once in a life-time Opportunity to actually Experience this in your lifetime ! Through the resources offered here in this article.
In Simple and PRACTICAL terms , what will this leading-edge science of Autism Brain Theranostics do for YOUR Autistic child that will help him/her Thrive in life ??
This cutting-edge science of Autism Brain Theranostics will help your autistic child gain freedom from all the Limiting Symptoms of autism, including the common limiting symptom of being Non-Verbal, and will help your child communicate through SPEECH, for example.
Other PRACTICAL Examples of How Autism Brain Theranostics will work in YOUR autistic child are :
Autism Brain Theranostics Diagnosis Component
Identifies the areas of Energy Disturbance in your autistic child’s Brain in conditions such as –
1)Non-Verbal autism
2)Seizure Disorder with autism
3)Gut Issues in autism
4)Sensory Processing Disorder
5)Poor Immunity
7)Developmental Delay
8)Any other conditions
Autism Brain Theranostics Therapeutics Component
Corrects the areas of Energy Disturbances in your autistic child’s Brain presenting as the limiting symptoms of autism that are specific to your child producing RESULTS such as-
1)Non-Verbal autistic child Speaking in 10 sessions or less
2)Seizure disorder cured without medications
3)Sensory processing issues disappearing
4)Gut issues disappearing
5)Child getting OFF of gluten-free,Casein-Free diet
6)Healthy Immunity being established
7)Child thriving with improved cognitive abilities
8)Child being able to socialize with ease
9)Child becoming Independent
10)Many other case by case specific symptoms such as hand-flapping, not making eye-contact and so on, disappearing
Autism Brain Theranostics is leading the way in helping Autistic Children thrive on planet earth.
The question is – Are YOU ready to access Autism Brain Theranostics right now and see the improvements in your autistic child, right from day ONE?
Welcome to a brave new world of autistic beings – a new , evolved species on planet earth !
P.S : To know more about HOW Advanced Human Technological abilities is already being applied in healing autism and ADHD, you can read this publication in a peer-reviewed international scientific journal here :