Updated Autism Definitions – What is Autism? Who is an Autism Expert?

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Shift from Outdated to Updated LATEST Autism Definitions that Work
Are you STILL thinking that the answer to the question ‘What is Autism?” is “Autism is a life-long neurodevelopmental disorder with no cure” ?! Then it is High Time you Updated your understanding to these LATEST Autism Definitions right away. Save your autistic child and yourself Years and even Decades of unnecessary Agony and Suffering being stuck with outdated and inaccurate understanding about Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Before you read further and even if you choose not to read further for whatever reason, enlighten yourself with at least this Definition for “What is Autism” ? The LATEST Definition is ” Autism is a Unique Energy Signature, a State of Being. At the lower frequencies the limiting symptoms dominate and at the higher frequencies the talents and gifts Bloom”.

Consider these facts :
  • An “Expert” in any field is supposed to provide the SOLUTION for a problem, a condition or an issue. By this “common sense” understanding, any person who identifies themselves as an “Autism Expert” is supposed to “CURE” or “Heal” the limiting symptoms in Your child. And not simply proclaim ” There is no cure for autism “.
  • A “Speech Therapist” is supposed to help your Nonverbal autistic child actually SPEAK coherently through words and sentences in the shortest possible time ! As simple as that . Period.


  • Why continue with months and years of “Speech Therapy” that shows no results in Your autistic child ?
  • Special Education and Special Schools are supposed to help your autistic child Advance and Progress in their academic life and other areas of interests and talents and be Integrated into mainstream education in the least amount of time. Or these schools are supposed to help your child Thrive academically and otherwise even if away from “regular” schools.
  • Why continue with “Special Education” and “Special Schools” that are showing no results of improvements in your autistic child’s ability to Thrive academically or otherwise and in many cases are worsening the limiting symptoms of autism in your child ?


  • What does “Autism Acceptance” mean to you ? Are you caught between the confusion of requesting people to “accept”  your autistic child “as he/she is” and/or advocating that autism be “accepted” as a “Disability”?


  • Why settle for distorted and regressive versions of “Autism Acceptance” for your child when you can Celebrate the fact that Your autistic child is an Evolved Being who is born to Thrive in joy and freedom on this planet. And Teach other “neurotypical people” how to do the same


  • Autism Awareness is supposed to help other “neurotypical” people Recognize and Celebrate the presence of autistic beings as an Evolved Species on this planet.


  • Why spread “awareness” about unscientific, outdated, misleading and confusing information about Autism as a condition with “no cure” while nothing could be farther from the Truth ?
Are YOU ready to make the shift to Empowering your autistic child and yourself with the LATEST and Updated Autism Definitions that help your autistic child Thrive in joy and Freedom?
Here are the LATEST Updated Definitions that Work : 
  • Autism Expert : A person who Delivers RESULTS in your child with improvements right from Day ONE.


  • Speech Therapist : A person who Empowers the child to primarily communicate through Actual SPEECH, free from the crutches of gadgets and external tools. Helps your autistic child find and Speak in his/her Voice.


  • Special Education : EVOLVED Inclusive Education and/or Home Schooling – Progressive & Quantum Leaps in cognitive abilities of your autistic child. Empowering the child to THRIVE with gifts and talents in joy and freedom.


  • Autism Acceptance : Realizing and Celebrating that Autistic beings are highly Evolved beings and Recognizing that Autism is the next stage in Human Evolution.


  • Autism Awareness : Creating,BEING & spreading the awareness that Autism is the next stage in Human Evolution and Educating “Neurotypical” people about how they too can join the autistic beings and Evolve as a “Human Species” on this planet
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