Autism, Selfies and the Mind of “God”

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Autism and Selfies reveal HOW the mind of the Universe operates.

If you are wondering – HOW on earth are these seemingly diverse subjects – Autism, Selfies and “God” connected, then get ready for a paradigm shift in the way you view yourself first. And maybe Autism and that which one may call “God”, next.

If there is one thing that “went viral” without any of us even realizing that each one of us was in some way shape or form “caught up” in this “virality”, it is the “selfie culture” and the way it has revolutionized the way human beings look at themselves. Literally. What if this is a reflection of exactly “HOW” the Universe itself recognizes, explores and remembers “itself”?

Consider these facts:
Autism is the next stage in Human Evolution. (published in the journal- Neurology, Volume 1.1, Year 2015). It is available at the link:
Researchers at MIT have predicted that by the year 2025, one in two children will be diagnosed with Autism in the U.S. (This statistics can now be applied to other countries with a continuing increase in the incidence and prevalence of autism, that matches or even surpasses the rate of autism in the U.S now).
Nonverbal Autism is on the rise globally and if autism is the next stage in Human Evolution, why in the world would autistic “human” beings present themselves as being “Nonverbal”?! (They CAN communicate through speech but, in most cases are seemingly “unable” to do so.(published in the journal- Global Journal of Medical Research, Publishers Global Journals Inc, USA, Volume 15 Issue 3 Version 1.0, Year 2015)). It is available at the link:
The discovery of ‘Time-Crystals’ has forced mainstream science to wake up to the FACT of the existence of Parallel Universes and Parallel Realities, and ask yet again the Eternal Question- “Who Am I?” / “Who are We?” and “What is the MIND of the Universe/Consciousness/All That Is?” or in other words, “What is the Structure of the Universe?”.

It is the Selfie Phenomenon that is continuing to hold humanity in its “viral grip” that holds the key to all these questions, and more.

How is that so?

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