Autism Therapies that do NOT show RESULTS : Why do more of the Same ? And what You can do instead that shows Results from Day ONE

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Autism Therapies that do NOT show RESULTS : Why do more of the Same ?
And  what You can do instead that shows Results from Day ONE – Intent Healing
One of the most confounding thing about Autism Therapies is this – Why do parents/caregivers do more of what is clearly NOT Working ?!!
This is especially true of generally administered forms of autism therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and even Special Education for autistic children .
Even when parents do not see any improvements in their autistic child with one or more of these therapies ,  they invariably continue with the same approach and not only that , they impose more hours of the same therapies on the child, that are not showing any results !
This article seeks to address Why this is so and the alternative for the same . This kind of approach is actually damaging the brain of the autistic child , many  times , even irreversibly . The damage happens  because these kinds of  repetitive activities that are enforced upon the child actually causes the “Hard-Wiring” of the child’s brain in erroneous patterns of neural networks that results in  behavior that makes them react in a Robotic manner and actually “dumbs them down” to the extent that they may be wrongly mistaken to be “mentally-retarded” (when they are in fact, highly Intelligent ) .
Here are some reasons for this kind of behavior by the parents of these children :

  • Fear of actually Stopping what is “generally accepted “ and “going against the grain”.
  • The challenge of actually needing to apply their minds and think and come up with  Creative Solutions for their child with autism who is Unique  in his/her needs in order to be able to thrive . This is mainly because , thinking and using the brain to come up with alternative/creative solutions requires ENERGY , which most parents of these children have a deficit of . In addition to this, the constant background stress that these parents often operate from usually leaves them drained and exhausted more often than  not.
  • Fear of “What am I going to “do” with this child all day ?”  and “I will not be able to handle him on my own “ .
  • Fear of losing the access to facilities and support that the states/governments offer these autistic children under  “special education” . (Even though these facilities and support may not be helping the child in any way , and more often than not, actually paving the way for permanent brain damage and worsening of the symptoms).
  • Necessity of going out for work and earning a living , and so , inability to take care of the child and try alternative methods at home
  • Lack of Awareness about solutions that actually show RESULTS in autism right from day One of applying the solution.

So, What is the Solution ?
Here are the steps that help resolve this situation ( this section is addressed directly to the parents with one or more children with autism).

  1. STOP and THINK . Ask yourself – Is this therapy – Occupational Therapy, Special Education , Speech Therapy etc REALLY working  for MY Child with autism ?
  2. Give yourself a Break . Take time off to simply Observe the child and ALLOW for the space to be created in your mind, for the creative solution that is best suited to the Unique needs of  YOUR child with autism , to actually Flow into that space . This is possible only if you are in a state of being/the ENERGY state that facilitates your ability to  Receive the solution(s).
  3. Re-Align YOUR Energies First . This is FUNDAMENTAL for every parent with a child with autism to be able to actually Perceive the solution that is best suited for their child , that is actually showing improvements in the child and have the ENERGY to actually take action in that direction. Instead of operating on  “Herd Mentality” .
  4. Explore  Solutions in autism that are actually working on the ground, that are showing results from Day ONE , such as Intent Healing(TM). Here is the link for the same – .
  5. Ask questions of the professionals who claim to be experts in the autism field as to what exactly do they mean by saying they are “autism experts” ? And choose to work with “autism experts” who actually answer your questions and are able to demonstrate the symptoms of autism disappearing in YOUR child with autism . Because each child with autism is Unique and so is every human being on this planet , for that matter .
  6. If you are NOT able to See Results of improvements in your child in the first session itself , or at least 3-4 sessions of any “autism therapy” , then STOP . It is a clear indicator that that particular therapy is Not working for YOUR child with autism .

Therefore, the One thing that YOU as a parent /caregiver of a child with autism can do right away that can help you access the right autism solution that actually shows RESULTS in YOUR child with autism is to Re-Align your energies first .
One way to do this where you can feel the difference right from the first session is with Intent Healing (™) . This is the path breaking solution in autism that shows RESULTS right from Day ONE . You can know more about the same here –
You can book an Energy Realignment session through this link here – http://www.sowjanya.inand actually see the RESULTS for yourself .
In conclusion , as Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” . Reinforcing this is the FACT  that doing more and more of repetitive behavior modification therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Special Education, and Speech Therapy etc , that is not showing any improvements in Your child with autism is actually paving the way for brain damage in your autistic child , sometimes, even permanently .  Not only that , continuing with these the therapies that are clearly not working in Your child with autism is actually causing damage to the neural network in Your brain too , caused by stress, frustration , anger, disappointment , resentment and pushing you into the victim mode and reinforcing the same in your child . Ultimately leading you to plan for an “institutional future” for your child , when your child can very well Thrive independently !
Why suffer unnecessarily when there is already a solution that You can TEST and see the Results for yourself ? Right from the First session.

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