Top 10 Autism FACTS : Autism Treatment BREAKTHROUGH

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Top 10 FACTS about AUTISM Backed by Leading-Edge Scientific Discoveries that Your DOCTORS are UNAWARE of :

Here are top 10 facts about Autism that help you understand the condition better.

Autism Cure Fact #1

Autism is NOT a Genetic Disorder. Autism is NOT a Life-Long Neurodevelopmental Disorder.

Autism Cure Fact #2

Autism is an “ENERGY-SENSITIVE” State of BEING and Autistic Beings are a ‘NEW” Evolved SPECIES on this Planet

Autism Cure Fact #3

All the Limiting SYMPTOMS in Autism are caused due to ENERGY DISTURBANCES . Correct these and Watch the Symptoms VANISH

Autism Cure Fact #4

The ONLY Fool-Proof Method of DIAGNOSING Autism is by doing the ENERGY ASSESSMENT of the Parents and the Child
Autism Cure Fact #5

ABA ( Applied Behavior Analysis ) causes BRAIN DAMAGE in your Autistic child making your child ROBOTIC and at RISK for becoming SCHIZOPHRENIC ( Self-Talking/Talking to the Hand is the DANGER Sign)

Autism Cure Fact #6

NonVerbal Autistic children can be made to SPEAK in 10 Sessions or Less with TOOLS and TECHNIQUES that are based on Applied Energy Medicine and Applied Intentional Epigenetics

Autism Cure Fact #7

It is Your EXPECTATION that makes Your Autistic Child THRIVE or SUFFER

Autism Cure Fact #8

Your Autistic Child’s BEHAVIOR is CONTROLLED by the 3 BRAINS in Autism.
And these 3 Brains are – the Brain in the Skull, the Brain in the GUT and the Global Brain

Autism Cure Fact #9

The Autistic “Brains” can be Re-Wired Through the HEART

Autism Cure Fact #10

There is NO Need to Follow Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet or Unnecessarily RESTRICT the DIET of your Autistic Child.
The GUT issues in Autism are due to Poor ENERGETIC IMMUNITY. Correct that and your Autistic child can Eat and Digest “Normal” Food with EASE !!

Shifting your NonVerbal Autistic child’s ENERGIES to a HIGHER FREQUENCY Helps Your Child SPEAK with EASE. You do Not NEED to go in search of Dolphins to make that Happen.( BTW, Dolphins help Nonverbal Autistic children SPEAK by the SAME Mechanism).

You can make this a REALITY for YOUR Child by Applying INTENT HEALING(TM) which is Applied ENERGY Medicine.

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