Autism Gene Editing : Blessing or a CURSE ?

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Gene Editing in Autism : Blessing or a CURSE ?

The latest buzzword in Autism Diagnosis and Treatment is Gene Editing. What is Gene Editing in Autism? Is it Safe as a diagnostic tool ? It is effective as a potential Autism Treatment modality? How does it compare with other Non-Invasive, leading-edge Autism Diagnosis and Autism Treatment modalities like Autism Brain Theranostics? What and the Legal and Ethical implications of applying Gene Editing in Autism?

All these questions and more are answered in this Latest,  ” first of a kind” article published in the International Scientific Journal EC Paediatrics.
Here is the Abstract from the article –
“The recent introduction of the technique of Gene Editing in autism research has opened up the debate as to whether this approach is a stop forward in the right direction or is an example of a regressive approach in the field of autism diagnosis and treatment, filled with ethical issues of potential for misuse and abuse in human embryos. This article establishes the advantages of Autism Brain Theranostics over Gene Editing in Autism.”

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