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Here we have for you, an interview of Dr.Rajalakshmi Kandasamy, with one of the popular tamil radio channels wherein they have discussed in details about Autism in Tamil. This video is an eye-opener and has information that we are striving to familiarize ourselves. Watch the video to gain insights and tips that bring you one step closer to understanding and curing autism.

What is Autism? The common understanding about autism is that it is an incurable disorder, but you seem to disagree. You are certain that you can cure autism using energy. Could you tell us more on how it is possible to heal autism using energy? Is there any evidence or proof regarding the same?   To start with, we need to redefine these terms. Let me start with an important statistics to put things in perspective. According to a research conducted by MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, by the year 2025, one in two children will be autistic. Autism is going to be a huge problem not just for the parents or the families, but for the whole world to consider and deal with the economic burden and other changes that it will bring by. Plus, in a situation like this, cure becomes all the more urgent. In order to perceive what I mean by Autism Cure, one must first understand and redefine what Autism is. Autism is the next stage in human evolution. The autistic children are in an energy sensitive state of being. At the lower frequencies, the limiting symptoms will dominate. At higher frequencies, the talents will bloom. They will be able to thrive by being in the higher frequency. This is what sets autistic children apart. Everything about autism is energy related. In energy terms, autism is an energy sensitive state of being and it is 100% curable. What I mean by cure is the disappearance of the limiting symptoms which initially exists due to energy disturbances. When we go to the energy level and clear these disturbances, the limiting symptoms will cease to exist, following which their genius & talents will bloom and they will thrive, which is why it is the next stage of human evolution. They are born with this gift of energy sensitivity. This sensitivity becomes a problem only when the energy boundaries are poor. They get confused about where their energy boundary ends and someone else’s boundary begins. This energy disturbance affects them and the symptoms begin to manifest. If we correct these disturbances and help them stay and understand their energy levels, we will be able to cure this condition. The usual treatment encountered for Autism is Occupational Therapy and medicines will be prescribed if deemed necessary. How do you carry out Energy Healing or Intent Healing? How is it done? The method I apply is either Intent Healing or Remote Healing. This healing methodology is popular and well-known in around 96 countries out of which I have patients in 30 countries. I have cured them but haven’t met any of them in person, all done by Remote Healing method. Like I already explained, we should proceed to the energy level in meditative state. Firstly, everything in that level is made up of energy. Secondly, everything is interconnected. This table, this mike, you and I are all connected, just at different levels. To perceive them as energy, it is essential to be in a certain meditative state. I advance to that level in the meditative state and correct the disturbances using Remote Healing. There are different categories in this. Take ASD for example; there is a whole range of symptoms for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Every child is unique in their own way and it is possible to assess their energy using their geographical location. Once the Energy Assessment is complete, it will be clear as to what the disturbances are, paving way for me to correct them individually. The symptoms will disappear following this. I have written a book on how this works. The parents can do the healing themselves without taking sessions with me. Many parents have cured just by using the book. The title of the book is “How to heal Autism and ADHD in 30 days – The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough of Intent Healing.” This is available on my website – https://authenticautismsolutions.com/. If they understand the underlying science and bases on how this healing works and apply on their own, they will be able to notice the disappearance of symptoms right away. But, no matter how much you explain the science behind it, some people would prefer to experience the healing sessions, you can opt for the monthly membership program on my website where I do the healing myself. They will be able to experience the difference and the shift in energy. I have also published various scientific journals and articles with in-depth explanations about the same. There are various categories of autism – Verbal, Non-Verbal, ADHD, ADD, Seizures, Development Delay, Gut Tissues and many others and all of these are curable by the said method. This is the only healing approach which is a holistic solution. The diagnosis and access to solution is also available in the Autism Solution app where I provide feedback to everyone individually. To provide a significant example, a non-verbal autistic child will be capable of verbally communicating in 2-10 sessions and they can be anywhere in the world. There’s no necessity to approach physically for Remote Healing. The fundamental science behind it is quantum physics. In an energy level, everything is interconnected in a meditative state. What are the illnesses that can be cured using Energy Healing? Actually, all illness can be cured. This is an Energy Medicine. Like I mentioned before, the root cause of any shortcomings you face is energy disturbances. In mainstream medicine, permanent cure is very rare. For diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension, there is no cure. You are just suppressing the effects of the disease using medicines which in turn affects the quality of your life. The main challenge with the current generation is that their immunity and lifespan is significantly lower and we are in fact regressing instead of advancing. Energy Healing can actually help in up-lifting all these challenges. One can start this as an integrative medicine on top of the mainstream medicine they are taking. More importantly, you can use this as a preventive measure by integrating this with your whole lifestyle as stress is the root cause of all the illness you face. Are there any ways to experience Healing mechanism ourselves as common public? I have been emphasizing on this repeatedly, but breathing is the best option out there. Consciously breathing a lot of times through the day is the most powerful tool out there. Other than that, since we are exposed to a lot of resources out there, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be easily accessed and learnt by anyone and people are using it even for life threatening diseases and experiencing the difference. We just have to find the techniques that resonate with us. You told us that you have been working with people from various countries. We usually find a lot of testimonials on stumbling upon websites like this but you seem to have avoided that. Why? Again, a very important question. It will save a lot of hours in a day if I answer this. The main reason for me to refrain from showcasing the testimonials is because I’m very particular about the privacy and confidentiality of the families and the children, in particular. In most cases, even if the children are non-verbal, I can understand from their energy levels that they don’t like to be showcased or documented. It was also reaffirmed when significant progress was made with them. After the healing was done, the children have stated to me directly that they were not comfortable with being videotaped or recorded and I’ve been very conscious about the child/parent confidentiality. But at the same time, I’ve published in science journals without revealing the children’s identity in the form of case history. Other than that, I’m not familiar with the laws of all the 96 countries and I don’t want to get in the middle of an extremely sensitive matter as I’m very particular about the healing aspect of it. But on a personal level, I do maintain records of every child I’ve healed. What are the things someone should avoid doing on a daily basis as a preventive measure? Let me start with children, as they are the prime factor for me. First of all, emphasize on the play. You do not have to schedule the time to wake up or go to sleep. Every child has their own rhythm and if we let them be, they will follow and align their own energy level which will result in them being successful and happy. Other than that, the most important practical relevance is social media. There are a lot of impulses and exposure to different kinds of stimuli. Instead of minimizing their usage, one can work on their energy to attract what is best for them. Instead of trying to control every aspect of their life, they can keep pushing that reset button every day and follow the natural rhythm as it works for them. That rhythm will align them in a unique and specific way to work perfectly. If you have an impulse to do something and there’s no gap between the impulse, intention and the action, you are more in alignment. When you encounter a hesitation, re-examine yourself. If you are more aware of yourself, your inner guidance system will be on the lookout to identify what’s best for yourself. The best way to be self-aware is moment to moment. You don’t necessarily have to examine and analyze things you do every second. When you do have the space and time to examine things, do it. It is all a matter of habit. More than habit, your system’s energy frequency will change and make it easier for you to live in the moment. What is Energy Healing? What are the different ways in which Healing can be accomplished? We know that everything in the world is made up of atoms. According to research, at a sub-atomic level, everything is in the form of energy. We are living in an energy soup, to be precise. At the level of energy, everything is interconnected. To put things in perspective, everything from galaxy to stars to our cells, everything is made up of energy. When everything functions in a natural and normal way, there won’t be any issue. But when there are disturbances in the energy levels, it manifests as a physical, mental or psychological problem. To proceed to that said energy level and correcting the disturbances is Energy Healing. It is a broad term. What is Intent Healing? Intent Healing is the process of healing through the power of intention. Intent is the creation of Universal Field of Intelligence. Intent is compulsory to create anything and everything. The time discrepancy between the intention and creation varies from one person to another. This time difference is because there is a conflict or contradiction between the intent and the thought process of the person. On clearing this gap at the energy level, they will be able to flourish. It is all about energy and it can be applied for all the fields, from illness to profession. What is the relationship between Entrepreneurship and Energy Healing? I gained interest in this after observing the parents of the children I have interacted with. They are intellectually brilliant which is very apparent because of all the analysis and research they do to identify and learn more about their child. They are put in a position where they have to give up on their career to take care of their children, many of whom prefer to start on an entrepreneurial journey. This is when I was trying to connect all the dots to help them in all ways possible. I designed a flagship course “Enlighten Entrepreneurship.” The base for thriving as an Entrepreneur is also energy. When your energy fields are not aligned with your intentions, you will experience disturbance. If you have Split Energies, you will not have clarity about what you actually want to do. If we correct the disturbance in energy and align it with one’s intentions, they will have enormous leverage. The best leads which are perfectly aligned for them will be attracted to them. If they align their intentions with their energy level before taking a physical step, they will flourish as an Entrepreneur. Are there any tips you would like to give the Entrepreneurs who are facing hurdles? The best way to start your day is to give yourself 10 minutes in a meditative state. If you are wondering why no day is different from the previous one, it is because you are starting the day at the same energy level you left the previous day. This is what I call “Pushing the Reset Button.” Take deep conscious breaths with enough pause in between, at their own pace. If they are having trouble channelizing their thought process, a monotonous and repetitive sound which does not agitate or affect you, like that of dripping water or even that of A/C can make a difference. A consistent effort everyday will have a cumulative effect and help in having a better experience through the day and feel in control of self. If you are not able to find a time in the beginning of the day, do it whenever you have the time and space for yourself.