New Treatment that helps Non-Verbal Autistic children SPEAK

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New Treatment that helps Non-Verbal Autistic children SPEAK
Do you want YOUR nonverbal child with autism to start speaking too ?
REMOTE HEALING is helping children with NonVerbal Autism from all over the world communicate through SPEECH .
How is this working ?!
Demystifying Remote Healing In Autism
Let’s begin with the basics first –
#1) What is Healing ?
Here is my Definition of what I mean when I use the term “Healing” – Healing in simple terms  is  “restoring a being and/or a system to Wholeness and Wellbeing on all levels so that the being/system is able to THRIVE at its optimal best in an Integrated manner, with Integrity ”
At the very Fundamental level of existence, every system/body/being on this planet , and especially the HUMAN body/system has the INNATE , NATURAL Ability to Heal ITSELF . For example, even if a surgery was performed  on you, you STILL have to depend on YOUR body’s ability to Heal itself . In fact, this happens so Automatically and mostly “Unconsciously” that almost everyone takes this for GRANTED . But , This capacity to HEAL , this NATURAL Ability of the body to heal Itself is one of the most profoundly MIRACULOUS phenomenon in the Universe.
But , This capacity to HEAL , this NATURAL Ability of the body to heal Itself is one of the most profoundly Miraculous phenomenon in the Universe.
#2) What is Healing in Autism ?
What I mean when I use the phrase “Healing Autism” is this – I mean the healing of all the LIMITING SYMPTOMS in Autism , that is preventing the individual/child with Autism from being able to THRIVE with their Unique gifts and Talents . In the context of this article, this healing in autism Includes healing the energy disturbances that is preventing the non-verbal autistic child from being able to communicate through speech and Empowering the child to Talk .
#3) What is REMOTE healing ?
Is it possible for human beings to SEE / SENSE beyond what is usually “normally” perceived by the  human eyes ?
The answer is – Yes . And, anyone can do this .The U.S Military and other military agencies in the world have been using this and applying it in “military defence-related activities” since many decades.
Today, many of those people who were trained in this capacity to do REMOTE Viewing and Remote Sensing , after leaving the defence services , are applying the SAME capabilities in HEALING people of illnesses and conditions.
(You can read this article and the references provided under the article to know more about  ‘The Seventh Sense ‘ here : Applying Human Technological Advances In Healing Autism.
#4) Alright, so HOW is this connected with healing non-verbal children with Autism ?!
The answer is – I am applying the technique of Remote Viewing/Remote Sensing and REMOTE HEALING in healing children with Autism . And I am doing this SPECIFICALLY in healing children with Non-Verbal Autism , thus helping them communicate through SPEECH, for the very first time in their lives . I am doing this on a daily basis for children from all over the world , with my revolutionary Intent Healing(TM) Remote Healing method . You can read these articles to know more about case reports of successfully healed cases  here : A Case of a Non-Verbal Child with Autism Gaining Faculty of Speech with Applied Energy Medicine  and  A case of a 17 year old boy with Autism becoming completely Independent and thriving on his Own with applied intentional Epigenetics
#5) How does this work ?
Before I explain how exactly this works, you may be interested in knowing about a few FACTS and DISCOVERIES in Science that will help you understand the process better :
a) EVERYTHING in the Universe is made up of ENERGY . In other words, the ultimate “fundamental unit” of existence is ENERGY .This has been confirmed by discoveries in Quantum Physics and had been reiterated time and again by many Nobel Prize-winning laureates such as Albert Szent Gyorgi (was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1937) and others .
At this fundamental level of existence , where Everything is Energy, ALL of us are connected . Meaning, Everything in the Universe is connected to everything else. Therefore , by Operating at THIS level of Energy Fields , it is possible to connect with and see/sense/read the Energy patterns of literally anyone and anything in the Universe .
The way I apply this in Autism is by going to this level of Energy Fields and connecting with the Energy fields of the person (the autistic child , in this case ) and bringing about Energetic Shifts in the energy patterns of the person by channeling Healing Energies and bringing about RE-ALIGNMENT in the energy fields of the person to RESONATE with Optimal Health and Wellbeing . And this Optimal health and well-being includes the ability to communicate through SPEECH , in the case of the Non-Verbal child with autism.
Healing of the symptoms happens when the particular energy frequency that resonates with the healed state of being is achieved by the channeling of Intent Healing™ energies.
And, I do all this REMOTELY . By going into a meditative state and connecting with the Energies of the person regardless of wherever in the world they may be living physically .
This is somewhat similar to how the Remote Viewers in the U.S Military , by sitting in the United States are able to “SEE/VIEW” locations and positions of their “Targets” in other parts of the world . And report the same without actually visiting the physical location of what they are Seeing/viewing .
I say “somewhat similar” because , in the case of my healing approach, with Intent healing(TM) Remote Healing, I actually CHANNEL healing Energies and bring about a Realignment of the Energy Fields in a (w)holistic manner which is not the case in the example of the application of Remote Viewing and remote sensing in the military defence -related activities described above.
b) Another discovery in Neuroscience that will help you understand the process of Remote Healing is the FACT that our minds are NOT Limited to our Brains inside our Skull. Every person’s “mind” is connected to every other person’s mind ALREADY and many are simply UNAWARE of this .
The experiments done by Dr.Villiyanur Ramachandran has demonstrated this Fact. And I quote from this article here :
” Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, a neuroscientist, has performed  experiments that demonstrate that there is no real  distinctiveness of a person’s consciousness from somebody  else’s consciousness. In one such experiment, a person’s arm is  anesthetized and it becomes numb as there are no sensations  coming in. Now, when this person watches another person  being touched, he feels the sensation of his own arm being  touched, even though that arm is has been anesthetized. In  other words, the barrier between one human being and the  other human beings has been dissolved. He calls these  neurons Gandhi Neurons or empathy neurons.  And this is not in some abstract metaphorical sense. All that  is separating one human being from another is their skin. If the  skin is removed, one can experience the other person’s touch in one’s mind the barrier between one human being and other  human beings is dissolved.  This is the basis of much of Eastern philosophy that is there  is no real independent self, aloof from other human beings,  inspecting the world or inspecting other people. Every single  person is actually quite literally connected to others by their  neurons and these neurons are in communication all the time .There is no real distinctiveness of one individual’s  consciousness from somebody else’s consciousness.  This insight emerges from our understanding of basic  neuroscience. This has been confirmed by observing a patient  with a phantom limb. If the arm has been removed and that  person has a phantom, and he watches somebody else being  touched, he feels it in his phantom limb. Not only this, if that  person has pain in his phantom limb, and if one squeezes the  other person’s hand, massages the other person’s hand, that  relieves the pain in the patient’s phantom hand, almost as  though the neuron were obtaining relief from merely watching  somebody else being massaged . ”
You can explore the Reference for the same and read the full article here :
The Neurological Understanding of Surrogate Healing in Autism
( Evidence for Remote Healing , from other cutting-edge scientific disciplines such as Evolutionary Biology, Epigenetics, Neurogastroenterology , Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurocardiology and more is explained in detail in my online course on Autism Healing and in my book ‘How To Heal Autism And ADHD In 30 Days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough Of Intent Healing(TM) available here : and here . 
So, How can YOUR Non-Verbal Autistic child benefit from these Leading-Edge human capabilities ?
#6) And more importantly, How can YOUR Autistic child start Speaking with Intent Healing(TM) Remote Healing ?
YOU too can ACCESS this New , Revolutionary treatment to help YOUR non-verbal autistic child to speak .
IF you feel you are ready to benefit from this simple healing method for your child, you can contact me through my website OR if you are interested in learning this healing approach for yourself , you can explore my online course on autism here :
The course has the Evidence and the Testimonials from parents of children with Non-Verbal autism who have been successfully healed with Intent Healing (TM) Remote Healing .
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