Non-Verbal Autism : Can your Non-Verbal Autistic Child Speak?

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Watch our Autism Expert, Dr.Rajalakshmi Kandasamy discuss Non-Verbal Autism and whether the possibility of a Non-Verbal Autistic Child speak exists. As a parent, you must be having a lot of questions in your head about Autism and its treatment. We are here to lessen the burden and give you the answers that help. Here is our epert answering the most important question under Non-Verbal Autism.

Dealing with Non-Verbal Autism: Is it possible for a Non-Verbal Autistic Kid to speak?

Can my Non-Verbal Autistic Child SPEAK? Yes, your Non-Verbal autistic child is already speaking. He is speaking in his Language, which is the universal Language, the Language of the Universe. This Language of the Universe is the Language of Energy, Frequency, and Vibrations. So, IF you want to SEE your child Speak and communicate with your child, you need to be able to speak this Language of energy first.

Listening is Key

How do you learn any new language? By LISTENING first to how that Language sounds, the accent, meaning, etc. It is the same here. Your child is already speaking the Language of energy – the components of which are frequencies and vibrations. So, IF you want to SEE your child Speak and communicate with your child, you need to be able to speak this Language of energy first. The step towards that is to LISTEN to what your child is communicating in the Nonverbal State of Being. For example- consider this – The entire universe is made of more than 90% EMPTY SPACE, and it is the same in the atoms too. But, this “empty space” is filled with infinite information coded in the form of energy, frequencies, and vibrations. It is exactly the same with your nonverbal autistic child. When you listen to the SPACE between the sounds, if any, or just the SILENCE, you begin to FEEL the information being communicated by your child. Once you learn how to listen and Feel, you will then, paradoxically create that space, that FIELD for your child to then speak in YOUR Language. The practical tip is to LISTEN to the SILENCE Inside of you first and become familiar with that first. Because most of us are more aware of the NOISE in our head/within us. Once you shift your attention to the SILENCE inside, rather than the noise inside, your child will RESONATE with this shift in you, and you will then be able to hear your child speak in actual words of your Language. Watch the video to understand the concept better. To read more blogs that shed more insights on Autism and the challenges around it, click here. Learn More on How to Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 Days, here: