One Solution for all Autism Challenges

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One solution for all Autism Challenges -Autism Cure

Autism Challenges – Autism Cure

How can ALL these common Autism Challenges such as Non-verbal autism, PDD-NOS, Developmental delay, Seizure with autism, Gut issue, Sensory processing disorder and so on can be cured by just ONE Solution? And more importantly, how can YOU start seeing the disappearance of any and all of these autism symptoms in YOUR child specifically? Welcome to 6 Autism Challenges : ONE Solution brought to you by Authentic Autism Solutions(TM) : See Results from day ONE. Coming to the answers to your questions, think about this – the Root Cause for ALL the autism symptoms listed in this autism infographic is ONE . And that is Energy Disturbance. So, why should it be any surprise that the Solution for ALL these autism symptoms is ONE too ? And that is – CORRECTING the Energy Disturbances causing these autism symptoms with the leading-edge Intent Healing(TM) Remote Healing method based on the Cutting-Edge Sciences of Applied Energy Medicine and Applied Intentional Epigenetics. Okay. So, what is this “Energy Disturbance” and HOW does that happen in the autistic child in the first place? To understand this you will first need to open up to This FACT about Autism- Autism is the next stage in Human Evolution. Autistic beings are born with the GIFT of Energy Sensitivity. Not only that, they invariably have poor Energy Boundaries. Which is why they get easily affected by the Disturbances in the Energy fields of the people around them, especially their parents and primary caregivers. This energy disturbance in the child manifests in the form of the symptoms such as being Non-verbal, having gut issues, sensory processing disorder / SPD, Seizure disorder, Developmental delay, PDD-NOS and so on. Once the Energy Disturbances are corrected and the HEALTHY Energy Boundaries are Re-established in the parents and the child, ALL the limiting symptoms of autism disappear. To get a complete understanding of the ENERGY basis of Autism and the Solution, it is recommended that you read the book ‘ How to Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 Days: The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough of Intent Healing(TM)’. Next – the answer to the question as to HOW You can benefit through this and see the results in your child SPECIFICALLY ? To know the OPTIONS available to make your specific choice you can email Dr.Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy @