Revolutionary Breakthrough To Healing Autism And ADHD That Your Doctors Won’t Tell You About !

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My Objective is to get across the message to the world in general and to people dealing with Autism and /or ADHD in particular that Autism and ADHD can be healed with INTENT HEALING in less than 30 days.

I want to start by saying that this book – ‘How to Heal Autism and ADHD IN 30 Days:The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthough of Intent Healing (TM)’ undoubtedly promises hope and Delivers the SOLUTION for Autism. And ADHD.

You have probably been told time and time again by doctors of conventional medicine, whether ill-informed or well-intentioned or plain confused and clueless and invariably programmed by years of medical training, that Autism is incurable.

Now get ready to hear the truth, loud and clear – AUTISM CAN BE HEALED. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ) can be healed.

Here’s Why conventional medicine will never be able to find a cure for Autism and Why your Doctors Won’t tell you this TRUTH that Autism and ADHD Can be Healed Completely :

Because, Firstly, they are groping in the dark as to what causes this condition and Secondly, the basics of conventional medical system is completely cut-off from the fundamentals of Healing and the Life Force that is the very basis of existence of the whole Universe, and that is ENERGY and ENERGY MEDICINE.

But before we re-learn how to consciously engage in the fascinating play of the Universal energies and heal not just Autism and ADHD, but just about anything and everything, literally, let me share why I’m so passionate about these two conditions. And, what started it all.

The Fascinating Insight That Resulted In The Breakthrough In Healing Autism :

It was the stage in my life when I was at the threshold of completely giving up my medical practice and jumping with no safety net , into full-time healing. A quantum leap.

A child got referred to me with Autism.

I asked the mother – so, what are the difficulties you are facing which the child?

Self-talking… the mother started, and making her evacuate her bowels daily is a nightmare, so is getting her to unwind and sleep? It takes eternity for both !

I looked at the father ..Being disrespectful of others.. he said … It dosen’t bother me much even if she dosen’t do well in school, but I want her to be a good human being, being nice and respectful towards others, with good manners, and not be so wilfully stubborn and disobeying her parents and teachers as she is doing now.

The list that the teacher gave when asked about the issues she felt the child needed to be fixed included – not listening in class, throwing temper tantrums, distracting other children by making funny noises, not making and holding eye-contact and so on?

I had written down the list under Father, Mother and Teacher.

One thing was staring at me from the pages.


Not one point on the list of complaints was common on all three lists !
I was fascinated by this observation !

Immediately, the insight popped into my head ! The problem may not be with the child. The problemwas with the people interacting with her !

So what is happening here? I asked myself

Who/ what needs to be fixed in order of priority?

Is the problem with the child or the perceivers- mom, dad, teacher.
Do we need to heal the child, or each of them who gave the list?
Or is it an issue of perceptions alone? What is true, what is illusion or projection?

And, I had absolutely no problems interacting with the child ! How come the child was so well-behaved and comfortable in my presence?

What was I doing or not doing differently?

Was it the BEING or the DOING?

How I healed the child Completely and how YOU can do the same for Your Child is revealed in my book.
So, What is The Scientific Basis of of Healing Autism and ADHD?
The Science Behind my Groundbreaking Intent Healing (TM) Method

This Revolutionary and Pioneering Method of Healing Autism and ADHD has its basis in the latest Scientific Discoveries that most Doctors are not aware of ! And even if they are aware of the discoveries, they don’t know How to APPLY these discoveries in Autism and ADHD and see Tangible Results . Which is Why they may never tell you about them in the first place.

The underlying Science behind my Intent Healing(TM) Method that is producing Astounding results is from various fields of Science such as :

1) Quantum Physics – Everything in the Universe is made of Energy and this Energy can be used to Transform conditions such as Autism through Energy Medicine.

2) Epigenetics – Your Genes are NOT Destiny. Genetic disorders too can be healed by Altering the “erroneous”genetic makeup using Energy Medicine.

3) Evolutionary Biology – Everything is Connected to everything else in this Universe and a change/new behaviour in one part of the world , in one species results in a transformation in the memory pool of that species on the whole planet irrespective of physical contact.

4) Neuroscience – The latest discovery of Neuroplasticity, meaning your brain can be RE-WIRED. And this is what I do through Intent Healing. Rewiring the Brain through Healing Energies and thus healing Autism and ADHD and other llnesess.

5) Neurogastroenterology – The same cells that are there in your Brain are present in your Gut too, and secreting the same chemicals . How Intent Healing heals gut and digestion issues in Autism, including Gluten-sensitivity .

You can read the elaborate version of these in my E-Book.

Why You May Want to Listen to Me ?

See The Results in Your Child Even as You read the Book !

The power to heal your child is in your hands. Literally.

And, to unfold the miracle of your child getting healed in LESS THAN 30 DAYS to start manifesting right from today all you have to do is to download the book and allow the healing energies to guide you along this magical journey.

This book, by Itself has Healing Powers as I have chanelled healing energies into it.

This journey is truly Unique as the complete healing of your child is inextricably linked to Your Inner transformation and Healing.

Your child has come into this world with the power and the gift of healing encoded in his DNA.

To unravel the mystery of this statement order your book right away and be transported into the fascinating world of Autistic Beings.

This book will guide you and help you ride the wave of pain and suffering that you might have experienced so far to come out Transformed and Healed. With your child. With true Joy, Inner Peace and Bliss in your heart !

Here’s a peek into what you can find in this book :

– What is the TRUE CAUSE of AUTISM and ADHD
– Why no two Autistic people are the same
– The number 1 thing that you MUST do with Autistic children
– The number 1 thing you MUST NOT do with Autistic children
– The Unexpected Truth about “Special Schools”
– The Secret language of Autism and ADHD
– How YOU can start seeing the Results in your child right from Today !

As a part of the activities of the Chennai Community Group of IONS which is an NGO started by Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, I did a project where children in a school for special children (Autism and Dyslexia) were taught to do self-healing in the school itself.

I also presented a paper at an International Conference on Holistic Enhancement of Learning Potential (HELP), the title of the paper being :

INTENT HEALING : BREAKING NEW GROUNDS IN HEALING AUTISM, ADD,ADHD AND LD- Presenting the Science and Application of Extended Human Capacities.

CNN-IBN had telecast a healing that I had done which was verified by the medical fraternity. Click above in the video module to view the same.

As a part of my ongoing scientific research program exploring consciousness and healing, I have presented a Scientific paper for the first time in India at a Cardiothoracic conference, our results seen using energy based healing techniques, as Evidence Based Medicine.

You have nothing to risk, and Everything to Gain by Opening the doors to Complete Healing in your child with Autism and/or ADHD- As you read this book that you can order here : Autism Ebook