The DANGERS of ABA and the BENEFITS of PLAY in Autism

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Intro: Tell us about your credentials, training, and experience.

I am a trained Medical Doctor with a Bachelors Degree in Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.S, the way it is recognized and awarded by the Medical Council in India ). I did two years of my training in Pediatrics before joining my Post-Graduation (M.D) . I did my P.G for two years and then discontinued the same and started exploring Alternative and Holistic Medicine as I was dissatisfied with the approach of conventional mainstream medicine that I had discovered to be lacking in many aspects of “Healing” as a (W)Holistic endeavor. I then learnt and attained qualifications in many forms of alternative medicine , especially being drawn to Energy Medicine modalities . Along this journey I discovered the healing powers in my own hands when I was applying energy medicine healing on my father under his guidance ( he too was practicing energy medicine on his own ) and I then pioneered my own method of Remote Healing called Intent Healing (TM) which is based on the leading-edge sciences of Applied Energy Medicine and Applied Intentional Epigenetics. I have over 25 years of experience in Remote Sensing and Remote Healing and I am continuing to heal children with Autism and ADHD from all over the world on a daily basis. My book ‘How To Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 Days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough of Intent Healing(TM)’ has transformed the lives of families struggling with a child/loved on the Autism spectrum by helping them know that all the limiting symptoms in autism can be completely healed.

1) How did you start treating ASD?

A few years ago when I was at my clinic, a child with Nonverbal Autism was brought to me for healing . The father asked me just one question ” Can you make my child speak ?” This was my first case of autism and based on my assessments of the energies of the child there was no reason why he should not speak. So, I told the father ” Yes, there is no reason why he cannot communicate through speech. Once the energy disturbances in the child are corrected, he HAS to speak ” . Within the next few days the parents had to leave for the U.S as a part of a job offer and so we started the healing sessions with the parents and then the child as Remote Healing . As we continued with the sessions one day the child suddenly started speaking .

That was the moment I decided to create awareness that Autism can be healed with Intent Healing(TM) Remote Healing method. The major reason being the fact that worldwide the incidence and prevalence of autism is on the rise and it is now 1 in 68 children in the U.S and the numbers are similar in other countries too. And mainstream doctors and professionals say that there is no cure for autism and that it is a life-long disability, which is NOT True. With Intent Healing(TM) all the limiting symptoms of autism can be healed and one can see the Results of improvements in the child right from day One .

2) How is ASD perceived in India?

There are four aspects to this :

a) As perceived by Professionals/Doctors .

Awareness is STILL woefully poor and inadequate . In fact, I have written an article about this which was published in a medical journal and can be read here :

I was inspired to write this article because of an experience that I had where I came across a pediatrician in one of the major medical colleges in India who had No idea of what ASD really is and had some very wrong misconceptions too about this condition .

b) As perceived by Parents of children on the spectrum

This borders on Extremes – On the one hand we have parents who are clueless about the term/diagnosis and its implications and on the other hand we have parents who are extremely well read about the condition and have explored multitude of options of “treatments” for ASD and who give up their jobs/careers and whose lives are literally driven by anything connected to the term autism.

c) As perceived by the lay public

By and large the common man on the ground in India STILL perceives ASD as being “some kind of mental illness/ mental disability/ mental retardation ” . There are a educated few though who are definitely working towards shifting this perception in a positive direction which needs to be mentioned and appreciated, for sure.

d) As perceived by the Government of India

The Govt of India has included ASD as a Disability that can be covered with some additional benefits through the recently proposed disability bill

3) What are the current statistics of ASD in India?

Hardly any “Official ” statistics to quote from but it is generally considered to be around 1 in 150 children, by “collective agreement” . I personally do know that the incidence and prevalence of ASD is much more than this, going by the number of families approaching me for healing and the growing number of “special schools” being started in many cities and even towns in India.

4) What does ABA look like in your country?

Thankfully , generally speaking , not many parents have taken to it in a big way, although there are some who religiously follow it down to the point of it becoming an Obsession for them more than for the child.

5) You state that ABA and similar treatments cause brain damage. What have you observed regarding brain damage?

To put it in simple terms , the primary damage caused by ABA is the STUNTING of the Neurological Development and Growth of the child which would have NATURALLY progressed on its own if ABA had Not been introduced in the therapy schedule for the child. In many cases, this neurobehavioral stunting results in “permanent” damage to the healthy and EVOLVING neural networks in the brain if the ABA training is delivered in an intense manner as a part of “early interventional therapy” in autism .

A Clear and Unmistakable Sign of the Brain Damage being caused by ABA is the “ROBOTIC” tone, reactions and responses seen in a child with Autism who is trained intensively with ABA. This is a symptom of the child’s brain operating from a Fight/Flight Mode (Stress mode) .

The way one can see that this indeed is the case is by the Fact that once the individual healing sessions are started for the child all this ROBOTIC patterns of behavior disappear and the child begins to start using his/her brain in a more Exploratory and Creative manner fuelled by a Desire to WANT to Learn . And , this is a big shift forward in terms of ALLOWING New, Healthy neural networks to form in the child’s brain. In a stressed fight/flight mode that ABA invariably pushes the child into, this mechanism literally shuts down .

The other major way that ABA negatively Impacts the developing brain in an autistic child is that it results in Unhealthy Neural Pathways being Reinforced in the brain, often in a loop fashion.

I have explained this in detail in my article on ABA here :

6) We posted your article on our FaceBook page and got a lot of heated feedback. Does this surprise you? Why do you think this is?

Not surprising at all ! When my article on the brain damage caused by ABA was first published , I got Death Threats from people from various parts of the world telling me to ” remove my article , or else …” ! 🙂 In addition to this the journal that published my article became desperate and begged me to retract my article from their journal as they received many emails from ABA practitioners asking them to do so , but I refused to take it down as I function with Integrity and stand by the FACTS of whatever I have shared in that article .

There are many reasons for this kind of often Knee-Jerk reaction to my article on the damages of ABA . Primarily it is lack of awareness among the ABA practitioners themselves about the damaging effects of the ABA therapy that they are promoting . Added to this is the lack of awareness among parents about the same and about the latest research in autism and the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) proof of Autism Solutions that are Already working on the ground.

The other factor is the VESTED interests of the ABA organizations themselves who feel Threatened of their livelihood being affected and the economic implications of this on the “ABA BUSINESS “Scenario.

And then there is the undeniable factor of Cognitive Dissonance which I have explained in this video on my YouTube Channel ( Authentic Autism Solutions) here :

In essence what this term means is that when someone is confronted with CONTRADICTORY evidence about a “belief” that is ingrained in them (usually by external conditioning ) they PREFER to Hold On to that belief although it has been PROVEN as False, instead of SHIFTING their perspective and embracing the “NEW” Fact as the “New” Truth . This happens because this kind of a situation that CHALLENGES their false belief FEELS extremely Unpleasant to them and they prefer NOT to face it and instead hold on to the “Familiar ground” of their Erroneous Belief .

7) You stated that ABA and similar treatments can cause PTSD. What is your basis for this?

As already explained under the earlier questions on ABA, the root cause is the fact that ABA switches on the “Fight/Flight” areas of the brain which is mainly concerned with “Survival ” (and NOT Thriving) . This in turn activates the adrenal system and the entire physical apparatus is pushed into “Survival” mode that signals to the system that there is “Danger” and therefore all parameters need to be on “High Alert” , which is “High STRESS” . Now, it is not rocket science to understand that the learning process in a child is augmented by PLAY and Periods of Relaxation and there needs to be an EXPLORATORY Component too . Everyday learning, especially in a child is NOT a “Danger and Stress-Driven ” Endeavor . When a child/person is regularly and intensively exposed to this kind of environment as is seen in ABA practices , the “fight/flight” mode literally never “switches off” , even when the child is supposed to be asleep ! This has been my observation that exactly matches the energy picture that I see in patients with PTSD.

8) As a multispecialty center we believe early intensive therapy is critical. Can you elaborate on what you meant by too much intensive therapy?

What I mean by too much intensive therapy, especially in the context of ABA , OT, Speech therapy in treating autism is based on three factors :

1) The number of hours of these kinds of therapies that are chosen in a predefined “structured” manner as dictated by the tenets or guidelines of each of these therapies that are usually applied as ” one size fits all” . The damage is amplified when this is done WITHOUT taking into account the Specific ENERGY Dynamics, the Energy Patterns and the Energy Signature frequencies of the child and How it keeps SHIFTING on a DAILY basis as a NATURAL phenomenon . ( This Energy Pattern and dynamics that is UNIQUE to each child with ASD can be known by getting an Energy Assessment done )

2) Not allowing for enough ” down-time ” in the form of simply “Doing NOTHING ” between these structured therapy sessions amounting to incessant STIMULI for the child over many hours a day or week

3) Parents NOT Aligning Their Energies FIRST because of which their PERCEPTION is Clouded and therefore they are not able to Discern for themselves as to “How much is too much?” for THEIR Autistic child and so they simply go by whatever the Trainer/therapist Suggests which invariably may not be healthy for the Specific Needs of each child. I have explained this in detail in my article here :

In deciding how much is too much, it is VITAL for the parents ‘ ENERGIES to be in Alignment First . Only then they are in TUNE with their INTUITION and in Tune with the Needs of their child that is healthy and Not Overloading .

For this, the parents first need to be educated and the awareness needs to be created that Downtime in the form of “Doing nothing” and in the form of PLAY is more important and More Effective than simply doing more and more hours of jam-packed “Intensive therapies” .

RELAXATION is an Indispensible aspect of the Neurological growth and wiring of the child’s brain as it is those moments that actually help in the process of getting the child from the highly stressed ” fight/flight mode” to the state of being of Heightened Awareness , Learning ,Inspiration, Desire to Learn and ENHANCED Experience and EXPRESSION of Creativity . I have explained the Neurological basis of this in my article here :

As an example of HOW Realigning the Parents’ Energies helps the Parents to DECIDE on Whether ABA is working or not and if more intense hours of ABA therapy is needed for their child with ASD can be better understood by reading this feedback/testimonial from a parent (father) whose child is on Intensive ABA and who had done ONE healing session with me and I had re-aligned his energies :

UNLESS the parents energies are re-aligned first, they will not even be able to PERCEIVE and Decide on HOW much therapy is Too much for Their child .

9) What does it mean to ‘heal’ a child with ASD?

By “Healing” a child with autism I mean the complete disappearance of ALL the Limiting Symptoms of Autism that is present in the child . And these “Limiting Symptoms ” is Unique to each child with autism in the way , shape and form that it presents in the child and is experienced by the child and the care-givers( primarily the parents ) of the autistic child . And what I mean by the term “Limiting Symptoms” is for example – the child not communicating through Speech , in the case of Non-Verbal Autism . This can be completely healed and the child starts communicating through speech with the healing sessions for the child . Other examples of “Limiting Symptoms” are – having Melt downs, Head-Banging, Inability to Focus, Hyperactivity , Inability to sleep well, inability to be potty-trained, cognitive disabilities and so on . ALL these symptoms disappear with the healing sessions and the autistic child is then able to lead a life of Natural ease and Thrive with his/her gifts and talents

10) We were intrigued by your study on applied epigenetics and ASD. Can you explain your study and findings?

A more accurate way of describing this would be that I am involved in an Ongoing Endeavor of healing children with Autism and ADHD from all over the world on a Daily basis with my Unique remote healing method of Intent Healing(TM) that is based on the cutting-edge sciences of Applied Epigenetics/ Applied Intentional Epigenetics and Applied Energy Medicine.

The findings of this ongoing study and endeavor are as follows :

1) All the Limiting Symptoms in Autism can be completely healed with Applied Intentional Epigenetics, regardless of whether there is a “genetic component ” to autism or not .

2) The power of Intention , when leveraged from a state of Energy Alignment is one of the most Powerful Epigenetic TOOL of Transformation which literally re-programs the DNA to resonate with Optimal health and well-being not just in ASD , but in many other health conditions as well . The evidence that this is possible can be seen from the fact that with Applied Intentional Epigenetics , the physical ailments/conditions in the parents of the children with autism too disappear when we do the individual healing sessions with the parents. This modality therefore is a (W)Holistic solution for the entire family with a child/children with autism and/or ADHD

3) The Simple nature of this tool and its Ease of Application through Remote Healing makes it one of the most Practical methods available today that can be taught to children in schools and to primary and secondary care-givers/professionals involved in working with children with autism on a regular basis.

In order to understand the terms Epigenetics , Applied Epigenetics, Applied Intentional Epigenetics, Applied Energy Medicine and their relevance in ASD along with the RESULTS of the Case Reports of successfully healed children , I recommend going through these articles here :