2017 : Welcoming a New SPECIES of Humans on Earth – The AUTISTIC Beings

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2017 is the Year of the Autism Species
2017 is the Year of Stepping BEYOND Autism “Inclusion” and Autism “Acceptance” and WELCOMING the Next Stage in Human EVOLUTION – the Autism SPECIES.
2017 could be the BEST and the WORST of Times for Autistic Beings and their Families. This is because, firstly, so many more with Autism are coming forth on this planet in this Time of Total Transformation. Secondly, the Tipping Point for Human Evolution is in the Direction of the Establishment of a New SPECIES of Human beings on this planet. And this NEW SPECIES of Humans is Best Represented by Autistic Beings; especially children with Autism and those with NonVerbal Autism in Particular.
As a result of this, EVERYTHING that is Not in Alignment with the Healthy and Effortless THRIVING of the Autistic Being will present themselves in an AMPLIFIED manner in a way that Cannot be Ignored or Pushed Against. In other words, ALL the Limiting Symptoms ( for Example – Meltdowns, Inability to Speak and frustrations, self-injurious, violent behavior and so on ) will present themselves more and more often AND so too will All the Gifts and Talents ( for example Artistic, Creative abilities, Academic brilliance, genius in any way, shape or form, and so on ) in these children.
ATTENTION: Parents of children with Autism – Forget about “planning” and “saving” for the “future” of your Autistic child.
Instead, it is time to FOCUS on the PRESENT Reality of your Autistic child. Because, the “Future” of your Autistic Child is in the NOW. TODAY. PERIOD.
This is because 2017 could be the Year you either make the CHOICE of Taking ACTION in the direction of Actually SEEING your Autistic Child gain Complete FREEDOM from all his/her Limiting Symptoms and Actually SEEING your Autistic child THRIVE.
Or …
2017 could be the year where you Miss this golden Opportunity to get a Head Start on your Journey towards Experiencing Total Freedom and Wellbeing. Not just for your Autistic child, but for your Entire FAMILY.
What do I mean when I say that the “Future” of your Autistic child is “RIGHT NOW”?
Parents with children with Autism Invariably start Worrying and Planning for the “Future” of their Autistic child, the moment a Diagnosis of Autism is given to them about their child. While this is perfectly “understandable” , what I am conveying here is that the “Worrying about the future” part is Unnecessary and the “Planning for the future” part can be done with Joy and Peace of Mind, KNOWING for a Fact that their autistic child is Actually going to THRIVE Independently in his/her life AND that the “Future” World BELONGS to people with Autism and NOT limited to the so-called NTs ( Neurotypicals).

Is this Really TRUE ?! HOW is this even Possible ?!! and, more importantly, HOW can YOU Experience this kind of “Future” with YOUR Autistic child as a Manifested REALITY for Yourself and YOUR Family?

Let’s explore each question –
#1) Is this Really TRUE ?!
YES. Autism can be healed Completely. TODAY .
Now, wait a minute … If Autism is a New SPECIES on this planet, what do you mean by saying “Autism can be Healed Completely”? The two statements seem contradictory. I can hear you say.
Here is my Clarification – YES, Autistic beings are a New Species on this Planet. BUT, this does NOT mean that they need to Suffer Unnecessarily with their Often Debilitating LIMITING SYMPTOMS that prevent them from being able to lead Full, Healthy Lives, THRIVING with their Unique Gifts and Talents!
Therefore, what I mean by Healing in Autism and Autism “Cure” is the Healing of ALL the LIMITING SYMPTOMS in Autism.
And these symptoms Include the Range of symptoms such as inability to communicate through Speech (in NonVerbal Autistic Children) and having Violent Melt-Downs, unable to do potty on their own , recurrent infections , inability to “socialize” , Self-Destructive behavior patterns, Stimming, Head-Banging and so on ( the “Limiting Symptom” is invariably specific in its severity and importance to each child and family, although the symptoms could be similar/same in many autistic children belonging to different families and is addressed in a manner that is Unique for each child and family ).
ALL this and more is possible with THIS Autism SOLUTION – Intent Healing(TM) that is already working on the ground and is continuing the Transform the lives of children with Autism and their Families, from All over the World.
You can appraise yourself of the Authenticity of THIS Scientifically Proven Autism Cure KNOW for yourself if this is Indeed TRUE – that Autism can be Healed
Now, before we address the other questions, it is time to Explain WHY am I RE-ITERATING this Statement that I had predicted almost a decade ago; that Autism is a New SPECIES on this Planet.
Quoting from my answer to a question ( published in my Autism Guidebook Vol 1 – you can download the guidebook for FREE Here )
” Autism is a New SPECIES and is a common phenomenon right now – the incidence/prevalence is 1 in 68 children and Autism is actually becoming the New “Normal”. Autism is the next stage in Human Evolution. What I mean by this is that autism is a condition where Humans are born being Highly ENERGY Sensitive. And therefore, Highly Intelligent. This amplified Energy Sensitivity is a gift, provided the people with autism are reminded and made to become AWARE of this fact first. The limiting symptoms in autism , that usually is conventionally described as presenting as a “developmental brain disorder” in the form of issues/challenges with Communication, Social interaction, Cognitive abilities and sometimes physical skills are all due to the fact that people with autism invariably have poor Energy Boundaries and get affected easily by the disturbances in the Energies of people and things/environment around them. Once this is corrected, all the limiting symptoms vanish and the autistic person begins to Thrive with their Unique gifts and talents.
And yes, we experience Autism everyday, not only in our interactions with people with autism who may or may not even be aware that they are autistic, but also in ourselves as well. This is because every human being has some autistic trait or the other; it is only the Degree and the Intensity with which the autism presents that results in a person being labelled autistic or NT. “
Coming to the next question…
#2) “HOW is this even Possible ?!! “
It is not only Possible, but also shows RESULTS from Day One of Applying Intent Healing (TM) approach to Healing Autism and ADHD.
This Proven, Scientific Cure for Autism is based on the cutting edge sciences of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience, Neurogastroenterology, Neurocardiology and Psychoneuroimmunology. To know more you can read this article .
#3) HOW can YOU Experience this kind of “Future” with YOUR Autistic child as a Manifested REALITY for Yourself and YOUR Family?
Firstly, Congratulations on making it this far and Actually ASKING THIS Question :-). That by itself shows that you may be Ready to RECEIVE this Autism SOLUTION
The Answer – The SOLUTION is just ONE Click Away. Literally .
You too can Access This Autism SOLUTION that shows RESULTS from Day ONE, for your Autistic child and Your family ( The ENTIRE Family, including the parents get healed with this healing approach in Autism )

Take Action TODAY and Make 2017 TRULY the year of FREEDOM and THRIVING for your Autistic Child and your Family.

These are the Best of times for your Autistic child and for You to Thrive in.
Provided YOU take action NOW in this Year to help Set Your child FREE from the limiting symptoms of Autism. And NOT suffer Unnecessarily.
The FUTURE belongs to YOUR autistic child. As he/she is born with ALL the Evolutionary ADVANTAGE to THRIVE on this Planet. In the form of his High Energy Sensitivity and therefore High Intelligence.
And that “Future” is NOW.
Welcome to 2017- The Year of Welcoming the Autistic Species on this planet!
Happy New Year! Every single day is a New, Fresh opportunity to See Your Autistic child Flourish in Joy and wellbeing!