Breakthrough Autism Cure and the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022

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What is the connection between this Breakthrough Autism Cure discovered in 2008 and the Nobel Prize 2022 in Physics awarded  to three Physicists Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their ground-breaking experiments with entangled particles?


The answer lies in this famous quote by Arthur Schopenhauer “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”


Before we go further, let me clarify at the outset as to what I mean by “Autism Cure:” My definition of Autism Cure is as follows:


“Autism Cure is freedom from the limiting symptoms in autism on a case-by-case basis, so the autistic child/being can bloom with their unique gifts and talents.”


Coming to the quote stated at the beginning of this article, here are the specifics:


In 2008 I discovered the Cure for Autism and was subjected to ridicule, violent opposition including death threats (ongoing till date) for over 15 years now.


After I was selected as one among Top 10 who were awarded the UN Women Shri Shakti Innovation Challenge Awards 2021 for my work in Autism, the collective POV shifted somewhat in the direction of “acceptance” of the TRUTH of this Autism Cure and, hopefully, with the Nobel recognition given to these quantum physicist scientists, this Autism Cure will now be embraced as being “self-evident”. 🙂


What exactly is my Autism Cure and how does it work? You can read the details here on my earlier blog posts and scientific publications : and


Coming to this  Quantum Physics Nobel committee recognition, which by itself is a paradigm-shift for entire humanity that most of humanity is yet to Realize, leave alone pausing a moment to reflect on its impact and mind-blowing implications, lets explore a few aspects relevant to one of our interests, which is Autism.


The Universe is not Real and affecting a photon at one location causes a change and impacts a photon separated miles apart, non-locally.


From Einstein’s statement on this observation as “Spooky action at a distance” to the Nobel prize winning scientists CONFIRMING this FACT as a “REALITY that exists Inside of us and the distance itself is an ILLUSION” ( the quote in this statement is mine), mainstream science ONCE AGAIN  finally catches up with what most wisdom tradition across the world and more specifically, what the Timeless TRUTHS of the Indian Vedas and texts have been Living and Breathing as the TRUTH since eons.


The World is indeed a “MAYA”.


Lord Krishna played in this “Maya” field(s) continuing to charm one and all to this day, but sorry, no “Nobel Prize” for Him! 🙂


Not that he would care for it as all prizes too are “illusions” anyway!


Well, the point is “Mainstream Science” always takes time to “catch up” with timeless wisdom that the WISE and discerning APPLY in their lives to practical advantage!


As usual, they have the last laugh or more appropriately speaking, Knowing Smiles 🙂


This is exactly where YOU are standing now. At the Crossroads of “waiting” for the invariably belated “scientific confirmation” that AUTISM is an Energy Sensitive State of Being and can be healed right away so the autistic person is free from the limiting symptoms of autism and can thrive right from today OR diving right in and actually APPLYING Intent Healing(TM) in your child’s life and yours to see the RESULTS in your life situation NOW.


The choice, as always, is yours.


Coming to the specifics of how the Nobel prize quantum physics discovery is connected to OUR time-tested approach to Autism that shows RESULTS from Day One, here is the explanation of the application in simple terms:


Fundamental Quantum Physics discovery is this – Everything in the Universe, including You and your child, exist as ENERGY Fields at the Quantum Level. And at this level, everything and everyone is connected to everything and everyone. It is one Energy SOUP, simply put.


Quantum entanglement= everything is connected to everything else and everyone is connected to everyone regardless of where each one is on the planet or in the Universe.


Yes, read that again.


For example, one can be on Mars and another on Earth and BOTH are connected and can IMPACT and INFLUENCE each other staying right where they are and not in any form of “conventionally understood” modes of communication through instruments/devices. Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”. Literally. Except that this is no longer considered “spooky” and is now mainstream, thanks to this Nobel Prize recognition given to these scientists.


Quantum teleportation = photons/you can shift to a different “you” in a different “place”.


Remember the ORIGINAL “STAR TREK”? 🙂

Well, another example of “science fiction” of yesterday becoming a “reality” of today, in our lifetimes! How exciting is that?!  Or scary, to some 🙂


(Ancient Tamil Siddhars and other “monks” were operating in this realm with ease, for those who may want to go back to the literature on these “superhuman” abilities)


Intent Healing(TM) Remote healing operates at this quantum level of Energy, frequencies and vibrations.


How is all this possible and with practical and tangible outcomes w.r.t. your autistic child’s life on this planet?


Answer: By shifting your State of Being.


Autistic beings are born with this capability hardwired in their DNA.


Sone are aware of this and most are not, at this point in time.


Intent Healing(TM) helps bridge this gap  within the autistic person and between “Neurotypical” and autistic beings.


What is “state is being”?


It is a state of the energy frequencies a person is at any point in time.


There are two aspects to this


One state of being is the Singular energy frequency of your whole, integrated, infinite and intelligent and wise self aka inner being


The other is the mix of energy frequencies of your “personality”, conditioning, beliefs , definitions, etc that makes you  paradoxically “unique” in some ways and yet “same as others” in other ways, based on where you “choose “to calibrate w.r.t. various aspects of your life.


“choose” is in quotes because invariably the calibration happens without the person or individual even being aware that they are calibrating to opinions, narratives etc based on “ outside” influences like media, social media , collective agreements etc.


What is YOUR narrative about your Autistic Child?


The question is which “maya” are you “choosing” to create as your “reality”?


That is the ILLUSION of “choice” too 😊


The very act of “observing” is the “creating” too.  Therefore, becoming aware of what you are observing is important and even more important is the “ state of being” from which you are observing/creating.


“The observer is the observed”- J.K


More on that when you actually start Operating at this quantum level and SEE the results in YOUR autistic child.


You may want to thank your autistic child for opening up this REALM of living in a “NEW” way on this planet.


The world is yet to catch up to this way of living and being and thriving.


YOU are way ahead IF you allow your autistic child to show you the way!


IF you are READY, then here is how you APPLY the benefits of this “discovery” in quantum physics to SEE the tangible results in YOUR autistic child.