The Most Cost Effective Autism Treatment Available TODAY

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With caring and providing for an Autistic child or Autistic adult in the family Skyrocketing by the HOUR and with families “pushed” to make the choice to survive with a single person income and with the rising number of single moms and dads with autism kids, what is most cost effective autism treatment available today ?
Wait a minute ! Did you say “Autism Treatment” and “Cost Effective” in the same sentence ?! I can hear you say.  YES, that is exactly what I am about to share with you today. The SOLUTION – The Most Cost-Effective Autism Treatment available that you can access right from TODAY. Period.
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IF you are ready to “Receive” this cost effective treatment for autism, that is. More about that later.
You may want to take a paper and pen and actually sit down to write out these details . For Yourself. OR, be in denial about it till you find yourself drowning in despair being overwhelmed by the ENORMITY of the Facts – The COST of caring for an Autistic child.
Make a list of How Much you are spending each month for the following services that you, like most families with a child with autism, are invariably engaging for the autistic child?
  • Special Education
  • Special Schools
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Other forms of “therapies”
  • Communication partner
  • “helper”/”maid” or other primary and secondary care-giver services
  • Hospital and ongoing Medical Expenses
  • Expenses for Alternative Medicines such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Biomedical treatment
  • Stem cell therapy
  • “Special” foods such as Gluten-Free, Casein-Free diets and products and Organic produce
  • “Special camps” and other modalities , methods , approaches and training camps and centers for “kids with special needs”
  • Registration, Travel and Boarding Expenses to attend “Autism Seminars and Conferences” across the world.
  • Travel expenses specific to caring for your autistic child
  • Investment for “Future Institutionalization” of your autistic child once he/she becomes an adult
  • Loss of income with at least one parent “giving up” their “career” / “Profession” to care for the autistic child
  • Ongoing Expenses related to Home-schooling
  • “Autism Treatment Shopping” expenses
  • Hospital and Medical Expenses for the parents for their individual health concerns and issues
  • Counselling Expenses
  • Child Psychologist expenses
  • Psychiatric consultations and therapists expenses for parents and the child
  • Treatment and therapies for Sensory issues and SPD / Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Gadgets, Toys and Learning materials & equipments specifically designed for “kids with special needs”
And “The List” goes on and on ….
ALL this money spent with little or No improvements in your loved one with Autism.
The ONE “Autism Expense” that No amount of “calculations” can even begin to evaluate is the “COST” of your autistic child Suffering and deteriorating day by day with seemingly no “permanent solution” in sight.
What if there REALLY was ONE Solution that addresses ALL these issues and more and which delivers RESULTS right from Day One?
And what if you could access the same and SEE the TRUTH of this Autism Treatment and Autism CURE working in Your autistic child and loved one with autism for a fraction of the cost of ALL the expenses that you are continuing to POUR drown the drain with no worthwhile improvements seen in your child ?
More importantly , what if this Autism Solution could help you STOP Spending on ALL the expenses listed above ?!
Because , your autistic child would not “need” any of the ongoing “services” and “therapies” once you begin applying this Autism Solution and start seeing the improvements and progress in your child, on your own !
Imagine the FREEDOM that you and your child will be able to Enjoy as your birthright !
What are the RESULTS that you can Expect with this Autism CURE / Autism Treatment /Autism Solution ?
Here are just a few Examples of the kind of Results that you can expect in your autistic child, with this Revolutionary and Leading-Edge Autism CURE that has already transformed thelives of autistic children and their parents from over 25 countries in the world ( Watch this video to know more about this fact : )
  • Your nonverbal autistic child SPEAKING coherently and confidently
  • Gut issues disappearing for good and your autistic child being able to enjoy eating “normal” food
  • Getting Off of Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet
  • Your child Socializing with ease and joy in freedom
  • Your child enjoying the learning experience and thriving in academics and other areas of interests
  • Spontaneous and willing eye-contact established with ease in your child
  • Soaring confidence levels in your child empowering him/her for an Independent life in society
  • ADHD symptoms and hyperactivity disappearing and replaced with productive Focus and delightful Creative output
  • Enhanced IMMUNITY in your autistic child enhancing the Quality of Life and Longevity
  • Seizure disorder disappearing completely Without Medications
  • Balanced and Integrated life experience in your child with Asperger’s
  • PDD-NOS and Developmental delay becoming “outdated” vocabulary in the context of describing your autistic child
  • Hand-flapping, Talking to the hands, walking on toes , spinning and other repetitive behaviors disappearing
So, WHAT exactly is this Autism Solution that may sound “too good to be true” at this point in time ?
This Ground-Breaking Autism Solution backed by science is Intent Healing(TM) REMOTE Healing , based on Applied Energy Medicine and Applied Energy Medicine. To know more about this Most Cost Effective Autism Treatment available today, you can read this article here
While you take time to Digest the FACT that All this could become a “Reality” in Your autistic child’s life and in your life too, provided you Allow it to happen and you Allow yourself to “Receive” this Autism Solution, let me clarify on the “Most Cost-Effective Autism Treatment” aspect.
How much would all this “Cost” you ?
Pick your choice :
Option A : Read and Apply what I have explained in my book ‘ How to Heal Autism and ADHD in 30 Days : The Phenomenally Powerful Breakthrough of Intent Healing(TM) ‘ and SEE All the Results in your child, on your own. Click here to see how others like you have done this and seen the results in their children. Order your copy of this life-transforming book
Option B : EXPERIENCE the Healing sessions on a monthly basis at your own pace and at your financial comfort level and See the Results in yourself and your autistic child by joining the Monthly Membership Program here
Option C : One on one Private healing sessions with Dr.Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy if necessary and when you are ready to change Your life and live YOUR Evolved destiny too, Thriving as an Individual and as a family.
Are you ready to receive this Autism Solutions Now ? 
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