Suicide: The refreshing Autism Perspective that sparks the joy of living and fuels the lifeforce in today’s Diversity and Inclusivity world

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Initially I thought I would start with the statistics of suicide among autistic beings, among neurotypical population, among psychiatrists and the categories are numerous. I then decided that anyone could google these category specific statistics for themselves. For context, suffice it to share that The CDC reported an all time high in the suicide rates in 2023 (US). Other countries are not far behind either.

I chose to shift the focus in the direction of navigating the “suicide terrain” from the perspective of Autism and the relevance of suicide in today’s Diversity and Inclusivity world. This article is more like an introduction to this topic from this angle and by no means exhaustive. The chapters in this book will evolve as humanity too evolves, embracing their Multidimensional and Eternal nature with more and more ease. I am also not choosing to repeat all the innumerable suicide prevention tips and guidelines such as consulting a psychiatrist, therapist, counselling, food, exercise and so on, that are already available online. My focus here is the ENERGY BASIS understanding that bridges the GAP in dealing with this challenge for both Autistic and Neurotypical individuals and how this Fundamental understanding could Revolutionize the entire approach and shift towards empowering positive outcomes even as you read this post.

Scenario 1: Autism

The Energy based understanding of autism/ASD is: Autism is an energy-sensitive state of being. At the lower frequencies the limiting symptoms dominate. At the higher frequencies the gifts and talents bloom. Learn to stay in the higher frequencies and thrive with joy beyond the label of autism.

The Superpowers of autistic beings are:

Intelligence: Ability to tap into wisdom and intelligence from various dimensions they can access with ease and flow that into tangible forms that benefit the entire world.

Knowing: Innate knowing of the “truth” beyond belief systems and intellectual analysis

Focus: Effortless presence and flowing energies in an integrated manner toward anything that interests them and/or evokes a sense of restlessness in them if not acted upon (both “positive” and “negative”)

Detail-oriented: Can see through and can see more than what others can see, with or without access to endless imagination potential.

Compassion:  A sense of connectedness with all beings at an energy level that is like a double-edged sword due to the challenge of poor energy boundaries, internalizing and getting trapped in narratives that could exhaust and disempower them if constantly exposed to such people, situations or circumstances.

Resilience: Ability to bounce back again and again from seemingly impossible situations with an inner strength that could be astounding.

Unconditionally loving to the point of “losing themselves” while allowing others to be who they are, which could often be people who take advantage of this quality in them and abuse them or indulge in gas-lighting them.

A combination of or a lack of balance in the proportionate healthy mix of the above superpowers could draw the autistic person into situations, circumstance and narratives that put them into a “trance” like state where they lose energy, feel exhausted, not understood, mis-understood, confused and powerless feeling trapped in a hopeless loop of despair and despondency.

As an example of this is the “needing” periods of solitude to breathe in peace and to re-engage with the world as a necessity or as a genuine desire for connection with other “humans” to feel more “normal” and to try to belong to the “human species”. Combined with lack of the understanding of the energy dynamics and boundaries challenges, along with understanding only too well but not knowing what to do as they may not have the tools resources and safe space to apply them. Finally leading to seeing it as dead end and/or seeing ending their physical existence as an opportunity for freedom and being able to breathe finally without societal and cultural pressures, paradoxically.

This could push them into feeling completely alone, on the “wrong planet” and they could then APPLY all their superpowers in the execution of ending their lives by suicide and/or Euthanasia, now that euthanasia is made legal in at least one country, allowing for autistic people to make that choice.

A note on the “Trance-state”:  The suicidal thought may not even be “from“the autistic person and they may simply be “ catching” it and feeding the momentum and acting on it!

The solution starts with first being aware of these factors and the process that could be operating in you, if you are an autistic person reading this.

Next, why not use the science of Quantum Entanglement to your benefit and learn to step out of the “negative” loop and

become aware of practical refreshing possibilities:

Why not leverage the portals opening up through D and I awareness and the Global Rest in these amazing times we are living in:

You can do this by remembering that you have the power to transcend the limitations in brilliantly creative ways that improves the flowing of the life force through you consciously rather than getting trapped in disempowering “trance” and “trends” largely from outside of you.

You can do this and more by knowing that you are powerful ENERGY BEINGS first and foremost who is yet to operate as one consciously!

Scenario 2: Neurotypical

The patterns leading to suicide in Neurotypical population invariably include these aspects:

Stress: Management through innumerable methods and options.

System: Need to “fit-in” being an unstated requisite that is taken as a given.

Support systems: May often act as a trap if the components and individuals in these systems act on “need-based’ and “dependency-creating” paradigms.

Therapists & Medicines: May help to keep pedalling in the “survival mode” rather than igniting the spark to want to live and feel alive without them and their associated side-effects.

Trying and keep trying any and all modes and approaches based on individual circumstances and collective consciousness trends and reports.

This leads to Mixed Results- may or may not work for all at all times.

When this roller-coaster ride exhausts the person and/or pushes the person to STOP and actually think if this is truly helping them or not, depending on what they “see” as the “writing on their wall” they may decide “Can’t handle this kind of meaningless existence anymore” and then deicide to end their lives by suicide.

Common to BOTH neurotypical and autistics, but amplified in autism: Issues relating to the GUT (detailed articles on the GUT factor are available on my website), Vitamin deficiencies, Sunlight exposure or the lack of it and Imbalance in the 5 elements and the 3 doshas. For example, extreme Vata Dosha imbalance could lead to major sleep issues with too many thoughts mostly negative and aggravated by anti psychotics and anti depressants with repetitive pattern with no results resulting in chronic condition triggering feelings of hopelessness/nothing is helping which could trigger suicide.

Consider this statement:  ALL death is suicide, from the larger perspective of your expanded self.  Because it is actually a CHOICE made from that level, whether you choose to continue living on earth in a physical form or not. Thousands of NDE (Near Death Experience) and SDE (Shared Death Experience) studies provide proof of evidence of this FACT.

And then there is euthanasia tied to the notion of “suffering” and the desire to “end” it. The question is – does the suffering really end when the body ceases to be in such circumstances?

What if research showed that “you” really do not “end” with death and even beyond death you still have a choice, even to choose “suffering” or not.

Enough and more NDE and SDE documentations are proof that people have chosen to come back. Why? And live lives of joy, purpose and passion thereafter.

What does that say about “suffering” in the physical form?

ALL “Suffering” and “Pain” is Resistance to the “Natural Self” in some way, shape or form.

What about Disease? Think about this – there is always at least ONE person who has survived/healed from health conditions that mainstream medicine might have termed “incurable”. The question is – Is THAT solution/option VISIBLE to the person who maybe struggling with the “incurable” condition or dis-ease?

What determines the Outcome even in those cases is the state of being of being open and receptive.

What determines the “suffering” quotient is invariably the degree of Resistance that individual/ energetic family members of that individual may have within themselves to Allowing that solution to result in a “cure” in that individual’s case.

This perspective could help shift the outcome away from suicide being an option in those cases too.

WHY is death important to know and befriend? Because you cannot truly live unless you have death as a constant reminder.

Knowing that you are Worthy and you don’t need to “do” a thing to “deserve” to live! This thought is liberating!

It liberates the energies trapped in narratives of “needing and earning one’s way in order to be deserving and worthy of life” that suffocate the experience of living and feeling alive.

I personally know of many celebrities, brilliantly radiating charisma and an aura of invincibility on-screen and yet already “dead” and struggling with depression and feelings of unworthiness from within as they know they are “faking it”. Paradoxically, they “need to feed” on the “mad about you” reactions from their followers in order to feel worthy and somewhat alive. This too, is a form of camouflaged extended suicide, coming to think of it.

Bottom line is Shifting the focus to:

  1. FEELING good for no reason at all. Satisfaction fulfilment moment by moment – basic feeling
  2. The journey is the destination. Not necessary to “suffer now” for some “reward later” – intend to make the journey itself be an avenue to FLOW your energies with ease
  3. Discover, know, embrace and remember that you are a Being of Energy first and forever and learn Energy Management of your energy availability on a DAILY basis. Tools such as Intent Healing (TM) self healing help you to stabilize, augment and leverage your energy pool on a daily basis – recharge, replenish, rejuvenate.
  4. Parallel to point 3, identify and plug your individual energy leak patterns – food, climate, sleep, lack of nature, balance of energies and doing nothing, “support systems” that may be well meaning but is not working for your unique needs including friends and family and online support groups etc
  5. Identify your specific trance and trends that you may be getting sucked into or may gravitate towards and streamline how much energy is being expended in those
  6. While you explore all the above, remember to breathe mindfully and learn to inhabit your body.
  7. Be still and know that you have all the answers and solutions within you – this is an art – being still within – without judging, condemning, trying to escape, justifying, analysing etc. Choiceless awareness transforms. Choosing to be aware without any choice – that’s the paradox.
  8. This ties in with being still and this too is one of the most powerful tools you already have within you and that is Listening. Learning to listen to whatever thoughts, feelings and emotions come up within you, beyond the screen of your mind. Because, then the entire nervous system is quiet and there are no images.

Your energy state attracts FLOATING thought forms that are a perfect match to whatever your energies are broadcasting – and cycle perpetuates to manifest as your reality and beliefs!

Become aware of this mechanism.


How to shift?

  1. There are many tools and techniques that help you shift up this emotional scale into feeling better and better. Intent healing (TM) self healing is one of them.
  2. Breathing is your inbuilt safety valve AND powerhouse to FLOW your energies with ease and joy:
  3. The true “success” in life is being able to be unconditionally at peace within.Nobody can take this away from you. Maybe because the world is so out of balance and so much emphasis has been laid on external factors for validating one’s sense of peace and joy, more and more suicides are happening. Many of these souls choose the ultimate Unconditionality of that of freedom from the conditions and restrictions of the physical form. Not knowing it is possible to experience the same while in the physical form too. They can always choose to “come back” if they want. Thousands of NDE and SDE studies confirm this too. You don’t necessarily have to die (embracing death by suicide or otherwise)  in order to know who you are fully.

    If you do choose suicide to know your whole and true power, you are not judged for that either.

    That is how unconditionally the universe supports you in all your choices

    On the earth plane of existence D and I includes ALL kinds of choices and experiences concerning death and Beyond too!

  4. Everything is EXPECTATIONS and the Tipping Point:

    Expectations (conscious or unconscious, meaning aware or unaware) from that state of being, results in manifestations of that “reality” or realization of that frequency you are on that resulted in that expectation being a tangible experience in your “reality”.

    For example, man expects war, and so war is continuing due to the collective consciousness feeding and fueling that expectation.

    Tipping point – when one human being crosses a 100 m dash at “record” speed never done before, and shows it is possible, then very soon, many more human beings achieve the same feat and then push the limit further for the next generation.

    Meaning, it comes into the “Realm of POSSIBILITIES AND PROBABILITIES” on a case- by-case basis.

    Learning to EXPECT Differently from the “SAME SITIATION” is the secret and an art to creating a DIFFERENT “Reality” under the same circumstances.

    This is how you step into frequencies that help you “capture”/attract Different outcomes that are Life-Affirming.

  5. Our Bodies and Shifting our Expectations around our bodies:

Consider this -Never before in the known history of mankind have human beings been so obsessed with their bodies and never before have they faced so many unimaginable challenges “living” in their bodies and “Inhabiting” their bodies (both are different and not necessarily mutually exclusive).

WHY is this so?!

While there may be many reasons, most obvious of which could be the exponential increase in conditions and diseases in human beings making hospital visits and lab tests a “normal” activity in everyone’s life, what I would like to shift the attention to, is this FACT. And that fact is that more and more human beings are finding it challenging to be comfortable and to grow and thrive while living and inhabiting theIr bodies because MAN / Human being is beginning t realize two things:

  1. a) That they are MORE than their bodies and are EXPANDED fields of ENERGIES trying to condense into/ collapse themselves into DENSER Physical forms and that surely feels uncomfortable. Like condensing steam rapidly to Ice. Changing the form from more “space” to less “space”. Literally. And the reason WHY this feels so uncomfortable is because being EXPANDED Fields of Energies is the Natural State of Being and condensing oneself into denser physical bodies is more of an ACCLIMATISATION and a “choice” that most are unaware is actually a “choice”. Maybe that’s why “freeing” oneself from the physical body form through “death” seems so Liberating!
  2. b) That they are like BATTERIES with “Energy Status” of 100% charged or 70% or 20% etc as the case maybe on a Dat to Day They are LESS of the physical form and MORE of the Energy forms regardless of how “heavy” or “lean” they may look and/or how “good” or “poor” their metabolism is and/or the quantity of food they may consume etc. The point is that ALL these factors are secondary, when one Knows and Realizes that the Energy status of each person is UNIQUE and varies every second, literally, in most cases!  The point is to learn and know How one can leverage this knowledge in Wise ways that truly make Life, Living and Thriving on this beautiful planet a joyous experience, or at the least a peaceful experience that is intended to be!


Once the shift happens through the lens of the above stated perspectives which are actually Facts that autistic beings already KNOW on a fundamental and deep level, the “option” of Suicide as a means to experiencing expansion and freedom and relief at the least becomes less and less enticing and the possibility for LIVING and THRIVING on this New Earth becomes more and more Alluring.

This is where INCLUSIVITY and DIVERSITY aspect comes in, in understanding suicide from the Energy based understanding of Autism and its application in recognizing that neurotypical individuals too are energy beings primarily, but less sensitive to energies, energy deficit, energy disturbances and all other jargon associated with energy dynamics concerning the lives, choices and behavior of Autistic beings.

In very simple terms, and in the context of this discussion, Energy could be equated to Desire. In both Autism and NTs, there is often a lack of Desire to continue living in their specific life situation.

But, paradoxically, in some self-aware Autistic beings, there is great desire to truly “feel alive and free” and to want to experience their Eternal Nature unbound by bodily and earthly limitations and oftentimes what they perceive as a “wrong planet” they have landed on. And this great desire to Live Authentically as their whole selves in ecstasy acts a trance state of being where suicide becomes the “simplest and most obvious end towards a new beginning”.

Thus, shifting your perspective and the corresponding shift in Expectations is the path to returning “home” to your “True”, powerful and peaceful SELF, FREE!

THEN, Freedom is unconditional and right the Beginning and not necessarily freedom “from something” that you will “achieve” at the end of some painful road you have to traverse.

When your energy levels and frequencies and thus your state of being is different, The SAME flower could evoke feelings of joy and make you feel invigorated at the higher frequencies rather than evoking painful memories or more likely you could even miss seeing the flower right in front of you if you are low energy and i low frequencies in the same moment by comparison!

Same world, different feelings, different experiences and different choices.

Coming to the title of this article, the refreshing autism perspective is that ALL beings are fields of energies primarily. Some are more sensitive (autism) and others (neurotypical) are just beginning to discover themselves as bundles and layers of energy fields interconnected to “all that is” (quantum entanglement). Learning to handle and leverage the power of these energies is what would determine a person’s Desire to want to live authentically truly feeling alive and eager about life or not. The spark of living is ignited with this knowledge and the learning to fuel the life force through you requires applying some tool or technique daily that is based on the ancient and timeless wisdom of “Energy Medicine”. It is actually less of a “medicine” and more of a way of living sanely and in a fulfilling manner in these challenging times more than ever! Intent Healing (TM) is one such technique.

NDE and SDE are opportunities and windows through which the collective consciousness of humanity can take a quantum leap into the parallel reality where humans live in peace within at one end and their creative expanded self at the other end.

Sometimes to learn how to live you need to know how to die and “come back” as in NDE and SDE that confirms the Truth that you are Truly Eternal and Infinite, and paradoxically, there is really nothing called “Death”.

Authentic Diversity and Inclusivity expands to embraces experiences such as these that lift the veil between living and dying.