The world is ready for you, dear “Autistic ADULTS”!

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The world is ready for you, dear “Autistic ADULTS”!

Because, they have no choice.  

In this “COVID-19 Primed” world that we are learning to inhabit today, as Suddenly as this COVID-19 situation and as Surely as the shift in the Earth’s Magnetic pole and the climate change, the ball is in the court of the so called “neurotypical” people in this “NEW Earth”. And the paradigm shift now is the autistic adults saying by their very presence, boldly and unapologetically “learn to Deal with us” instead of asking Autistic Adults to “fit in”!

Over the years since the time I have been focused on autism, not once did it cross my mind to write about ADULTS on the spectrum. 🙂


Because, I was too excited and busy sharing this discovery of HOW to help Autistic CHILDREN and their families understand and navigate the autistic CHILD’S world, as the clock was ticking rapidly in the direction of one in two children being diagnosed with autism by the year 2025 lands upon the confused humanity.

And, on a personal note, I chose Not to present the spectrum of challenges and superpowers of ADULTS diagnosed/labelled with autism in the past decade as I felt the world at large was not yet “ready” to FACE the FACTS without “their world” being hit by a force akin to an earthquake or aliens landing from the skies with no warning whatsoever. 🙂

Plus, I KNEW I would be attacked from all possible angles when I unleashed these facts and I consciously chose to focus my energies on the autistic children first and I chose to “Prepare” the ground with compassion for the so-called “neurotypical” people who would invariably react out of Fear and Confusion wrt the “Autism species”which is the next stage in human evolution, and either go on the offensive or get into the “fight/flight” mode. Mainly due to the lack of awareness of any common grounds for establishing a Language to communicate with autistic beings. This language being the language of Energy, which many adults on the autism spectrum are themselves unaware of!

Now, I am Ready.

For what?

To open the curtains and offer a peak, and maybe even project a movie or many movies on the screen of this COVID-19 Primed world about autism in adults.


Because, thanks to this COVID-19 situation, the so-called “neurotypical” brains have been jolted rudely out of their usual polarity and rationality based conditioned ways of viewing the world and are now acknowledging and accepting that “If THIS has happened, ANYTHING can happen”!!

The COVID-19 “experience” has leveled the playing ground and had made ALL things “Equal”.

Pause now and Take a Deep Breath and let-go!

For you need to do so for more reasons than one! 🙂

Here is a glimpse of the kind of words and phrases you may want to open up to, IF you are Serious about wanting to understand the world(s) of the autistic adults and/or understand YOURSELF as an autistic adult “on the spectrum”.





Reality “Bubble”

Parallel Realities

Alternate realities

LGBTQAI+ and more……..

The REAL history of this planet

ETs and Aliens

Dimensions and Densities in existence

and the ETERNAL Question “Who Am I”?

NOW graduating to “Who are We?” and “WHERE are we going?”

And much much more ….

Well, I don’t want to scare you off even before you have begun on this journey – inadvertently or consciously or like most others on this planet saying “I have no choice but to DEAL with THIS – whatever “This” is – the autistic world, more specifically, the autistic adult world”.

Bookmark this page to embark on a journey that is bound to make you experience what it is that You REALLY intended to experience when you chose to come and live on this planet during these times.

Yes, YOU made the Choice.

NOTHING is an accident.

THIS is the opportunity to help each other understand ourselves as this ever evolving powerful species that has survived Extreme challenges on this wonderful planet and emerged into LIGHT. Learning and Demonstrating the Mastery of Human Species over Limitations.