Autism, Gaslighting and the Brain in the Heart: Autism as the Doorway leading to the Heart Part 2

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Autism, Gaslighting and the Brain in the Heart: Autism as the Doorway leading to the Heart Part 2


Gas lighting. This was the most searched word globally in 2022.


Gaslighting is basically a form of psychological manipulation by an individual where they try to make the other person feel confused and question their own sanity and judgement. This involves an element of shifting the blame onto the other and wanting to be in control through deception.


WHY was this the most searched word?


The answer to this lies paradoxically, in this collective yearning in humanity at large to know what is authentic and “true” amidst the overwhelming input of endless filters and fake news bombarding the senses.


Something like being able to see what is authentic and true by discovering and discarding the “false”.


A deeper reason for gaslighting being the most searched word is having been at the receiving end of this behaviour or having witnessed others experiencing it.


Fundamentally, gaslighting  is Invalidation of your feelings.


Invalidating your FEELINGS equates to disregarding and being out of touch with your heart.


Is it any wonder that mental illnesses are on the rise?


And now considered “mainstream”?!


Coming to Autism, gaslighting is not necessarily “someone else doing it to you”.


In the context of Autism, ask yourself ” Am I gaslighting to myself, indulging in and validating narratives in my internal dialogue and thoughts about myself that Invalidate and dishonour my own authentic feelings?!”


IF you allow the “truth” about this question to reveal its answer to you, and IF that answer is “yes”, then be gentle with yourself and show some kindness towards yourself first.


Oftentimes, you attract people who “do this” to you because on some level, you yourself may ALREADY be believing in the “gaslighting person’s narrative about you” as a way of explaining things away/telling yourself that you are giving the other person the “benefit of the doubt” or as a way of maintaining “status quo”


Let’s get to the solution.




Get back in touch with your heart by touching your heart by placing your hand on your heart chakra – literally touching your heart!

Connect with your heart and inhabit your body. Literally.

Try it.



How many of you feel discomfort and pain when you put your hand on your heart chakra?

If you felt it is uncomfortable, you are not Alone!


Take heart! Pun unintended.


WHY is it so difficult for most people to physically place their hands on their heart chakra?

That by itself reveals how Heavy the heart space and heart chakra has become in most humans.


Solution #2 or maybe #1




Being ALONE by yourself

Communing with yourself

Restoring the balance

Reconnecting with yourself

The Key is to experience Solitude and not Indulging in Loneliness and Self-Pity


THEN connecting with others


Solution #3


To thine own self  be true

“Aham Brahmasmi”

Activating your divine (w) holographic True nature.




Only then you can know what is your Unique “ truth” in any situation and you will not be calibrating to the “ trends” and your “ feeds”  thinking erroneously that that is who you are supposed to be !!


Here is an example of your unique truth – let’s say you are with your child and the child keeps falling and you don’t pick up your child.

To an onlooker this may seem cruel.

But you know you want your child to get up and walk and you are allowing this to happen so he can learn to walk independently.


Here’s another example- Monks being Martial artists. A Paradox? Not really. When you really explore deeply into the practical philosophy that underlies the juxtaposition of seeming “violence” and “inner peace”.


Meditate on this example- Mahabharata Kurukshetra War and the exposition of the Bhagavad Gita on the battle field. Is it war or is it upholding of dharma?


Each one’s unique truth is “True” unto them, regardless of how it may seem to the onlooker.


All “truths” are “true”. Which truth is your “Reality”?


What do you RESONATE with?


That’s all that matters.


And this RESONANCE is felt in your Heart. This is the way your Heart communicates with you, revealing your unique truth to you.

And then there is the Universal “Truths” of peace, love, equality, compassion etc.  These are examples of States of Being of the Human Species itself finding Resonance with the Laws of the Universe holding the fabric of existence and thriving in place.


Now, there is the trap of the “Stockholm syndrome”. Which is a pitfall of calibrating to what is erroneously portrayed as “compassion”.


To thine own self be true – use Discernment dropping Judgement. This is the route to escaping from the trap of the “stockholm syndrome”.


Oftentimes, this comes with practice.


Then, go beyond even discernment into Knowing.

Thus operating from your hearts intelligence as ONE indivisible field of energy.

This is the seeming paradox: you know without you consciously knowing you know and this is hearts intelligence beyond even discernment.


Sort of like driving and not knowing “How” you got from one place to another!!


What about heavy excercise and related heart attacks?


The cause is the insane conditioning to have a “perfect” body. What is a “ perfect body” anyway?

The cause for this conditioning is falling into what I call as the “Bermuda Triangle of self-sabotage”, viz, Fear, poor self-esteem and self-pity.

Root cause of ALL illnesses including heart ailments is not flowing your creative and or sexual energies.



Following your passions

Feeling Alive

FLOWING your life force

That is Living from your heart and with all aspects of yourself in Balance


What if I tell you every cell is a heart unto itself?

Every cell is intelligent and conscious

Every cell is a brain unto itself


In other words, A HOLOGRAM.

Holographic universe

As above, so below

We are not exceptions to this rule of Holographic nature of creation and existence


Heart s intelligence is not simply putting up with things in the mis taught name of “compassion” for others.

This could lead to victim hood and again back to the gaslighting situation.


Indulgence is Not Unconditional Love. It is imperative to differentiate between the two.


Unconditional Energy Alignment = Unconditional Love = Being Non-Judgemental

The above EQUATION is the Heat’s CODE.

Read that again.


Unconditional Energy Alignment = Unconditional Love


This was discussed in the part 1 of this article here:


What you are now learning is the expansion of this equation to include  being NON-JUDGEMENTAL a.k.a dropping ALL Judgement.


Now THIS State of Being is literally “Being God” so to speak. Or, Being your integrated whole self.


Now comes the “Tricky” part.


“Tricky” if you are still trying to navigate the understanding of this Heart’s Code using your mind instead of tapping into your Heart’s Intelligence.


Non-Judgemental but Discerning.


Discernment is operating using ALL the brains discussed in part 1 of this article here:


In simple terms, being Non-Judgemental is the foundation for INCLUSIVITY and Discernment is the foundation for leading an Empowering and Enriching life free from internal conflicts and contradictions.


WHY is living one’s life from this wisdom delivered through the Heart’s Intelligence important?


I would say it is more RELEVANT than important as the past ways of working using the mind’s narrative alone has failed on all levels and the evidence for the same is the state of MENTAL HEALTH of Humanity on this planet today.


Even science is bearing testimony to the fact that the brains of Humans is wired differently across the spectrums – Both spectrums – Autism and LGBTQIA + ( you can know more about these spectrums within spectrums by reading this article here: ).


BUT the HEARTS of ALL Humans are the same!


The only choice being – are you USING your Heart’s intelligence or not.


Our minds have the ability of complicating things for us and therefore, the less thoughts you are thinking and the less beliefs you are holding onto the better.


The key here is to be focused on what is happening right now in the moment you are in, and anything else that you need to know will come to you. Like a thought out of the blue. Literally.


You can access and FLOW more of your integrated whole self as you actively think less.


The chances for accelerated manifestation is higher when you are heart-centered because you will be much more in touch with your feelings.

You will be much more likely to be a preferred frequency of energy with awareness and deliberation and you will be present and grounded.


The only thing that is needed is for you to TRUST your heart’s intelligence and that comes with Ease for Autistic Beings! 🙂