Autismrevolution and Mental Health: The Great Global Reset 

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Autismrevolution and Mental Health: The Great Global Reset 


Three developments are ushering in The Great Global Reset in the mental health arena, and Autism is playing a pivotal role in this. Let’s begin by asking what are these 3 developments?


1) Neurodiversity and Inclusivity are trending due to the collective awakening of the corporates (primarily), to the inherent advantages and the inevitable direction businesses need to take in order to leverage the power of getting the FMA, brand awareness AND thrive feeling better as humans.


2) Mass awakening of individual consciences is the uplevel to this welcome trend of inclusivity and neurodiversity that is ensuring that the “trend” becomes the new normal for humanity.


This awakening of individual consciences on a global scale is being triggered because of ‘Mental Health” being accorded the “Mainstream” status.


For, everyone knows at least one person, sometimes their own self, grappling with the challenges of compromised mental well-being. The degree and duration determining the severity and/or seriousness in most cases.


3) The statistics reveals the role of Autism as being an usherer of getting the “neurotypical” population to realize that they too are energy-sensitive and are not immune to mental health challenges which are inevitable in autistic people. Consider this:

Autism rates is 1 in 36:


Additional Mental illness in autism is in the range of 78%:,at%20Drexel%20University%20(Pennsylvania).


Latest Depression rates reaches new high in America:,17.8%25%20reporting%20currently%20having%20depression.



Let’s ask some fundamental paradigm-shifting questions:


1) Do mental illnesses really begin in your brain? Or in your Gut? Or in your Heart? Or begins in the cells of your body as each cell is conscious unto itself?


I address this later in this article. So, keep reading.


2) How many of the people diagnosed with mental illnesses are actually autistic in the first place? Or do they discover they are on the autism spectrum while being evaluated for the mental illness or condition they presented with first, regardless of their age?


This is happening more and more these days.


Why are these questions important?


Here’s WHY- Because, the answers to these questions holds the key to knowing HOW to address the mental illnesses/conditions.


And that is from the level of the Energies.


What about medication?


What about cognitive and other behavioral techniques and therapies etc?


What about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy?


I can hear you ask.


The question is- what if the kind of methods being applied, not knowing that the person is energy-sensitive and that THAT needs to be understood and addressed first is what is causing the mental illnesses to be precipitated or triggered in the first place? In “susceptible” individuals. And by susceptible, I mean energy-sensitive humans who are unaware of their predisposition towards mental illnesses and/or are aware but do not know “what to do with themselves in a world that does not understand them anyway!”


What is energy sensitivity?

In very simple terms it is being sensitive and being affected by the thoughts, feelings and emotions of oneself and others, more than the larger neurotypical population who are either able to navigate the terrain with ease and/or have leant to condition themselves and suppress any dis-ease they may be feeling in similar situations, thus “normalizing” what energy sensitive people are incapable of doing.


It could also include being sensitive and being affected emotionally to varying degrees by sensory triggers such as sound, smells, light, touch, textures, surfaces, environments and more.


In short, an energy-sensitive individual feels “more” with more “intensity” than their neurotypical counterparts.


Coming to the definition of autism, it is an energy-sensitive state of being with limiting symptoms dominating at the lower frequencies and the gifts and talents blooming at the higher frequencies and is the next stage in human evolution.


Thus, Re-defining a condition leads to fresh understanding and innovative solutions.


It is time to redefine mental illnesses too.


Current understating of mental illness is largely focused on the brain; the brain inside the skull, I mean.


Is the mental illness really in your brain?


What about the brain in the gut:


What about the brain in the Heart:


And, what about every cell in your body which is a brain too:



So, what exactly is your brain?

It is a Receiver of impulses and signals from many different sources and dimensions too!


What is your mind?

It is not limited to your brain in the skull but extends beyond this brain:


What if there was ONE thing that connects all these brains?


What is that one thing?

Your ENERGY fields!


Scientific evidence? Here’s the link:


Every human being is energy sensitive.

Some are more sensitive and aware of this than others.

That’s what makes one more autistic and less neurotypical or vice versa

Or more neurodiverse and less neurotypical or vice versa

It is BOTH and not one or the other!


Each person is both neurotypical AND neurodiverse, at different times and in different settings.


Read that again.


The focus on Mental Health and the paradigm-shifting understanding of mental conditions/illnesses as presented here is opening the space for the NEW EVOLVING HUMAN to take centerstage.


And not just be “accepted”. But to be celebrated.


We are more connected than we are different

We are more unique than we are similar

Sounds Paradoxical?

Not really.


It is our individual experiencing of experiences and the outward expression or not of those experiences that makes us “unique” and it is the RESONATING with those experiences that makes us similar as “humans”.


Resonance – this is the key.


If YOU can resonate with a person experiencing a mental illness/condition, then you awaken and resonate with the collective human condition that that resonance evokes.


Because quantum physics confirms what we already knew – all are ONE- at the level of energies.


The very reason that mental illness has come to the fore in this manner and is being acknowledged and de-stigmatized in the form of  #mentalhealthawarenessweek and #mentalhealthawarenessmonth is because of this Resonance.


Me too! That hashtag is already taken for other kinds of experiences but the point is the same- resonance.


So, what does this reveal??




Yes, the solution lies in recognizing the root cause for mental illnesses which is energy disturbances and therefore, addressing it at that level.


What about the chemical and hormonal imbalances?

Those are corrected too as a natural outcome of the energy disturbances being corrected. Once the energy shifts are underway you will invariably be led to what works best for your specific condition and there are more chances of you being able to actually SEE with clarity when those solutions are revealed to you on your unique journey and experience with the mental condition.


With medicines? That could help shift energies one way or the other by moving chemicals, mostly to the extent that you believe that they will. And to what extent you may have to deal with the side-effects too depends on the mix of beliefs you may have within you regarding each modality/protocol. Beliefs hold energy patterns within them.


But a more powerful tool is to change the narratives- change the story of your experience in empowering ways and that shifts the energies in a preferred direction and you get a different outcome. Each Time. For each individual undergoing the “same” label of the mental condition/illness.


Thus, you create different YOU – free from mental illness version of yourself, now that you know what to do about the condition!


Address ALL the “brains” in you.

Gut – nourishment through food and water

Heart- nourishing with love

Brain- nourishing through this kind of paradigm-shifting understanding of how you can own your wellbeing as an Energy Being.

Beyond the brain- Learning to know and experiencing yourself as a timeless and eternal being.


Make these your “keywords” and trend along these lines:








New balance

Fresh expansion.


Find your individual comfort level in this dance between balance and expansion as you Evolve. For evolve you must as a member of the new human species.


The way to be truly free from all kinds of “mental illnesses” is to actually first Experience a state of being of “no mind”. By choice (at least in most cases these days). By practice. Willingly and eagerly.


Once you experience this state of being of Truly Knowing yourself as a field of energy which feels timeless, free and light, you next decide to Own that as your natural Self beyond the projections of the mind.


This then becomes your state of being which is your frame of reference for remembering how knowing yourself as beyond the mind Feels like.


Then you anchor in this state of being with your Intent – bringing in the mind, paradoxically, to do this now and Ease yourself into operating with your mind as a Tool in your hands. I say paradoxically, because on some level this Intent/feeling becomes a thought, involving the mind to remember the “no mind” state.


Knowing as opposed to thinking your way through to this State of Being.


Once the Desire to function from this state of being overrides all other desires (dropping all judgement of what those desires maybe) it literally takes over your entire being and THEN you truly feel “in-control” of your life as the very Quality and Nature of your thoughts are now from “another level and realm” so to speak because you now recognize you are the Receiver of these thoughts and not actually “thinking them” from the cycle of conditionings and projections.




Hormonal Balance


Keeping the Brain active

And maybe many more …so long as more and more research throws up more and more variables….

ALL these do play a role as a form of engaging with energies and moving energies for nourishment of the physical apparatus of the human body and cells. They too are secondary to WANTING to and Igniting the Desire to experience a feeling of well-being on a consistent basis as the natural order of “being human” in this new world. That, again, begins with Intent. Self-Healing with Intent Healing™ helps align with your True Intent, connect and command the conscious cells of your body to restore wholeness and wellbeing with ease.

Giving credit where it is due-

My dear autistic beings, continue to shine your light. Unapologetically.


You don’t need no mask no more as the world is learning to unmask their true selves. And How! Through the prism of mental illnesses and conditions that you long since Reflected back to humanity that could not recognize it was their projections for the most part.